SkeetBoopTurd = scammer

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16-12-2005 16:40:07

WEll, I must say I'm pretty frustrated. We agreed to a trade a while ago, I was new, so I made sure I did mine first. Once I greened, he said he did mine. However, when I tried to contact him on AIM, he asked who I was, and then blocked me ( I know this because I have more than one screen name, and he shows as online on my other one).
Anyway, his email= is is, so stay away from him. I think he should be banned... (


16-12-2005 16:44:04

[quotef921f9eda6="WoRdUp48"] I think he should be banned... ([/quotef921f9eda6]

He already is.


16-12-2005 16:52:07

dang for me