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16-12-2005 15:19:47

Basically, I recieved an IM from him the other day and he was interested in completing an offer for me for my carstuff4free site. Naturally I was excited because I finally was getting the last person to sign up. Also, since I'm fairly new to this stuff I wasn't really thinking of the possibility of being scammed. Wannatrade11 AIM'ed me and I asked him for his username on this board and he said he was mfels( I was contacted by mfels today and he had new clue why I initiated a trade with him.) Like a dummy, I had already sent payment to Wannatrade via paypal. His paypal email= was email=vip112233445566778899@yahoo.comvip112233445566778899@yahoo.com was email=vip112233445566778899@yahoo.comvip112233445566778899@yahoo.com/email , a little strange I thought, but again, I wasn't really thinking straight because of my excitement. Later he sent me a screen shot showing the offer he "completed". http//img.photobucket.com/albums/v735/vip123/untitled123.jpg

Obviously it's impossible for anyone to make out anything on there. He hasn't been online since last night, but judgeing by the circumstances of him posing as someone else, I don't think I really need him to be online to know for sure.

Again, I just want to make clear mfels DID NOT scam me, someone posing as him did.


16-12-2005 15:22:24

Maybe someone could make a better, newer list than whats in the current list thread, instead of just having a whole bunch of people posting scammers, maybe a real list could be compiled.


16-12-2005 15:23:13

I second that motion


16-12-2005 17:34:06

[quote77e99c3e7e="Airkat"]I second that motion[/quote77e99c3e7e]

well, shit according to Robert's Rules of Order that's enough for a vote.

all in favor....


16-12-2005 17:37:49

http//forum.freeipodguide.com/smilies_mod/upload/3585c3ff993bc30088a54e3019fbbc07.gif[" alt=""/img1d65f07ece]

Start compiling a list you filthy cretins.


16-12-2005 18:27:08

Talked to him, he said he only did it so I would have to go first. He sent me a larger screen shot of the offer. I don't really know if its a legit offer completion.


Can anyone confirm? Sorry for the link, he said he couldn't upload it anywhere else due to the size.


16-12-2005 18:30:55

It only confirms that he actually has a VP online account. There's nothing there proving he did it from your site

But, I guess you'll see )


16-12-2005 20:10:36

wannatrade11 is a scammer from way back, hes impersonated several people .. . so ya...


16-12-2005 22:39:25

If this place had the ability to TOTALLY block certain IPs from even signing up, this would'nt happen half as much as it does now.


16-12-2005 22:41:26

We do.


16-12-2005 23:08:26

Oh....well, this place is a little more secure than I thought.


17-12-2005 10:11:04

[quoteee5ab880b1="chazmann"]If this place had the ability to TOTALLY block certain IPs from even signing up, this would'nt happen half as much as it does now.[/quoteee5ab880b1]

We can and we do. The problem is that blocking certain IP addresses, or even ranges of IP addresses to block scammers also then has the unintended consequence of blocking legit members as well.