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11-12-2005 15:18:32

Whoever signed up using e-mail has gone RED after I requested for approval on flashipods4free.

Sadly, I don't remember who I did this trade with, and it might have even been on the A4F forums, but if you guys ever trade with someone using the e-mail "" , BEWARE!!!!

MODS If there is a way I could find out who used
as their e-mail, please let me know. Thanks in advanced!


11-12-2005 15:36:21

I hate people who go red (


11-12-2005 16:52:47

I don't recognise it and it's not registered to anyone on this forum

Sorry. shrug


11-12-2005 16:56:50

whats the difference between red and grey?


11-12-2005 16:58:13

Nothing. Just depends on the site. Some sites they go grey, some go black and some go red.

They all essentially mean the same thing though.


11-12-2005 18:27:54

Actually, on Trainn, going grey means you lose credit, and going red means you are DQed.