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08-12-2005 18:36:18

Well I was in the field training and I just made payments of about 200 dollars to thoes I owed and thoes whos pms I dug up who didnt post I owed them.

mr0x if your out there I need your email addy to repay you the 35 dollars for the misc junk you never got

and who ever you paid for greens WASNT me (the high ass TR person) I wasnt even on my comp my email= addy is addy is always has been so what ever email you paid to prolly lied to you.

Anyhow amends made hopefully there arent too many hard feelings and if anyone out there is still owed money plz feel free to pm or post ill get ya ASAP no questions asked cuse I can recall all of ya once i se the name =) sorry again folks hopefully I can redeem my self at some point and get a shot at at least buyin refs =) take it easy ppl

Joe - U.S. Army Infantry


08-12-2005 18:39:00

+Karma For Coming Back


08-12-2005 18:56:57

HEY!!! You owe me one gajillion turkish liras!!!


08-12-2005 19:03:27


ok i prepaid you $60 paypal way back for 3 oc sites in the trade module, because of your higher tr record at the time, to this address

my paypal


08-12-2005 19:11:31

Wow, thank you for coming back, you have no idea how much respect you earned for not just running with the money like most people would.
You owe me $22 for free360XBOX (should be confirmed in the trade module if you need proof). My paypal is


08-12-2005 19:25:32

Major props to you, dude.


08-12-2005 22:15:13



/me doesn't know what to say. shrug

I'll make a sticky in The Trading Post telling people to come here if they traded with you.


08-12-2005 22:35:45

wow.. a really good news thread in here for once? +karma as well for being an honest person and also for being in the armed forces


08-12-2005 22:43:52

you probably still remember me.
you owe me $10

my paypal address is


08-12-2005 23:07:22

I say once he repays it he should be allowed to say. maybe not trade, but at least stay.


08-12-2005 23:20:38

Oh yeah definitely. Even people who fuck up big time, but pay the people back that they owe are allowed to stay. The fact that he is paying people back (or is at least implying that he will at the moment) doesn't make him a scammer.


08-12-2005 23:38:23

Major props for coming back.


09-12-2005 12:14:37

welcome back man


09-12-2005 13:23:21

His ebay trader feedback is gonna suck, but he should be allowed to trade.


09-12-2005 15:43:15

I mean cmon, the guy had to go away for the armed services. Anyone that COMES BACK to repay he debts, I think, should be allowed to trade again.
I don't think that has been ever done before.


10-12-2005 22:12:09

Welcome back. I agree, if he pays everyone back why not let him stay and trade. I had also prepaid you $23 for mp3players4free. There was a confirmed trade in the trade module also for it. PM sent.


11-12-2005 11:23:16 trade a long time ago...I paid you $20 via PP (sent to

I PM'd you just now, so you have my email address, in which you can repay me.

Thank you


11-12-2005 13:19:20

Wow, I also have a lot of respest for you. +KMA for you. )


11-12-2005 17:24:45

What was his TR before it got pushed down? It sounds like a lot of people paid him up front before he had to leave, so I assume it was many.

And has he been paying people back?


11-12-2005 17:31:15

I dunno but he was last on here a few hours ago. 6 to be precise.


12-12-2005 08:24:59

I think his TR was like 20ish, if I remember correctly.


12-12-2005 10:27:23

Honestly, Thats noble of you to come back and not just fuck all these people......I know a good portion of people would just say fuck it and keep the money and find another site like this.....But +Karma for coming to settle old debts.

A few of my buddies are in the armed forces as well. Good luck and stay safe if your called into duty.


13-12-2005 15:44:14

okay so right now I am trying to verify my bank acct on paypal cuse i noticed i can do that and xfer money into paypal so just waiting on the transactions to show up on my bank acct and then gonna xfer cash into my acct but yet again i am leaving for leave on the 18th so I might not do it until like right after xmas or something. only because I am going to be busy visiting family since i have such short time to do so much in. but anyhow just letting yall know =) i have been busy so I havent been able to do much yet at all is all =)


28-12-2005 13:05:27

keep hope alive!


28-12-2005 17:07:43

[quote34d3fb9a85="damac"]keep hope alive![/quote34d3fb9a85]I trust him


02-01-2006 12:18:54

anybody heard anything?


02-01-2006 12:59:46

lol, nope.


04-01-2006 07:46:48

Hi, I hope I'm not to late for this thread after being patient and supportive for so long. I just looked up what was owed and I see our deal was $25 $25

I think I was going to pay you $25 up front and $25 after you greened so I think you owe me $25 as you never greened and I never paid you the other $25.


14-01-2006 17:14:49

Still no update?


14-01-2006 17:36:11

not for me, i guess it takes 5 weeks to verify your account and deposit huh?



20-01-2006 05:30:30

I want my $10 lol


20-01-2006 19:50:13

He owes me $20


20-01-2006 20:23:41

[quotea044a04940="damac"]not for me, i guess it takes 5 weeks to verify your account and deposit huh?


He has a paypal account sice he was allowed to trade again I bought some greens from him. He went green I paypaled him.

So he has account


22-01-2006 20:34:31

[quote581f89747a="fgr_admin"][quote581f89747a="damac"]not for me, i guess it takes 5 weeks to verify your account and deposit huh?


He has a paypal account sice he was allowed to trade again I bought some greens from him. He went green I paypaled him.

So he has account[/quote581f89747a]

Some one got you and took you for a ride there admin =/ I didnt do any greens because my tr is still a neg 4 my email= for paypal is for paypal is was before is again I dunno who did these for you but it wasnt me I assure you. Hopefully they are legit greens but im sorry if some one screwed with you using my not so good name.

Repayments all made as stated in changed message heading - Plz see top note. Post here or PM if I missed you or you didnt post it up yet. Clearly no matter how far from now you post ill repay because its not my money to deny =)


22-01-2006 21:12:12

OMG I GOT MY $10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cheer cheer dance cheer cheer cheer dance

thanks for the refund http//[" alt=""/img4fa4a9d497]


22-01-2006 22:03:57

i got my 60 back, never thought i would see the day to be honest )

all i can say is shit happens i guess, and its nice that you came back to make ammends, and i forgive you.


22-01-2006 22:45:57

holy shit..shouldn't we give darkancient another chance?


22-01-2006 23:03:16

There's no question of him not being given another chance.

If everyone whom he owed money to is paid back and they let me or the other Mods/Admins know, then he can have his TR reset at 0.

Not until everything is cleared up though.


23-01-2006 09:08:48

I got my money back, thanks man


23-01-2006 09:36:11

just gotta pay metfoo now - paypal aint working on my laptop imma use my roomies after work today (im on lunch and only got about 15 mins left so will get that back to him in about 5 hrs) think thatll be all after him - I got back ppl who I had listed or had old pms from ect - again if I missed anyone please post it here or pm me so I know =)


23-01-2006 10:19:37

ya taken care of that too =)


23-01-2006 11:42:50

I got my payment. Thanks alot man. Im glad you came through! D


23-01-2006 12:56:39

I haven't gotten back my $23 for mp3players4free. Sent you a PM when you came back. Will send another now. We, also have a Trade still in the TR module for a record of it.


23-01-2006 13:36:58

$20 Payment received from DarkAncient today!

...I'm not gonna lie, but I thought this would never happen D

-Thanks man 8)


23-01-2006 19:13:31

[quote4484b12e81="hwmercury"]I haven't gotten back my $23 for mp3players4free. Sent you a PM when you came back. Will send another now. We, also have a Trade still in the TR module for a record of it.

Ill get ya here ASAP im having serious comp problems think I gotta roll back or something I cant get onto like any secured sites like paypal or my bank even I dunno wtf I did lol i reset all web settings but i got like 3 roomies in this barracks who use my laptop so its boned - anyone got any ideas? imma roll back comp tonight if i can be up much longer if not ill get ya tommorow after I get back in from getting my teeth pulled

sorry bout the wait - one other person who pmed me too will get ya both by tommorow night (pending im not passed out in pain they are snatching all 4 of my wisdom teeth lol)


23-01-2006 19:38:06

Good Luck with that!


23-01-2006 19:54:14

got it fixed - Payment sent =) sorry about that hehe but your cash is in your paypal hehe =) you and good2speed =)


23-01-2006 19:58:24

Payment received. Thanks!

Good Luck with the tooth pulling tomorrow.


23-01-2006 20:03:21

thanx =) boy is it gonna hurt lol but oh well gets me 7 days or so of quarters imma chill and do some internet buying of refs if my tr gets reset to zero in a day or 2 hopefully since i like just repaid everyone I can think of and then some should be good to go =) and its not like imma decide when my tr gets reset to stop repaying if some one should come back from a vacation or something and be like oops he still owes me =) like I said aint my money to refuse a refund on no matter how long down the road it happens - but i think i got everyone or at least damn close =) i remember getting like 250 bucks and i put out like 290 already so either im damn close to right or i just paid some ppl who didnt pay me but dont matter hehe =)


23-01-2006 20:29:06

my uhhh trade console is jacked I cant req deletion on stuff and like all of these need to get deleted in one way or another - the ones req tr are legit i did before i went into bum mode. anyhow if a mod could fix it maybe id appreciate it =)


23-01-2006 22:06:15

I'm impressed