grs100 ??? ~~ RESOLVED ~~

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05-12-2005 06:14:19

I paid him on the 27th to do an offer (35.00), and now I cant get a response via PM. I have attempted to reach him a few times now, as any mod can verify. He did register for my site, but we all know that does not mean anything in the end. He has not posted since the 27th. What do you think is up?


05-12-2005 06:16:36

well, it hasn't even been a week. he's probably just waiting to go green. which site did he do for you?


05-12-2005 06:22:58

FreeGadgets...they credited everyone else in under 2 days. I am most concerned since I have not heard a confirmation that an offer was even done. I cant get a response. I have emailed directly also. I know it has only been 8/9 days, but that is a long time for this site to credit.


07-12-2005 19:45:33

I was refunded today. Can a mod please either delete this thread or just close it out? Thank you.


07-12-2005 20:10:52

Put resolved/delete in topic, makes it easier to find )


07-12-2005 20:17:00

Done. D