My experience with "Gatita the Scammer"

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03-12-2005 12:22:09

Alright, here's my story. I should have never tried a second "For You" site after my first experience. Someone payed me to sign up at, and I did a paycom offer (cruising 4 cash or something). I never got credit. I submited a support ticket a week or two later, and Gatita's helpful response is "Oh, we're taking those offers off of our site. Sorry, no credit for you." Someone payed me to go green at on November 17th, so I did jetbingo. As usual, no credit. I waited until November 25th to send a support ticket in. I finally get a response 4 days later. She doesn't say sorry, or give me any directions, she just says " http//"[=http//"]http//" and closes it. I looked at that thread the next day (the 30th), and followed the directions. It was late when I sent the e-mail, so it happened to be December 1st. No response, so I try again 2 days later. I send another e-mail and a PM. She responds to my e-mail with

[quote8238144e71]As stated several times, we are unable to credit bingo completions from
the month previous. In the future, please send november completions
before december etc.

Sorry for the inconvenience.[/quote8238144e71]

So now once again, I am screwed out of credit. Only this time I lost 20 dollars. How can she possibly say "as stated several times"? I looked in's TOS, FAQ (doesn't exist), and the thread she pointed me to. It happens to be on the [i8238144e71]third[/i8238144e71] page. Is it really my fault that she isn't organized and could put that kind of required information somewhere on her site? Why should it be extended to some third-party site, in some thread, on the 3rd page?? So she makes the money off my offer completion (twice) and yet I get no credit. This site should go in the scammer section. Thanks for hearing me out.

The trade was with lkmwangi, and now I must use another site I can do and waste more money and time on an offer. Thanks Gatita.


03-12-2005 12:46:01

I actually heard the whole gogreen network is going down. Mike Richardson won't pay up on minicool. I'd just avoid both sites altogether


03-12-2005 17:04:02

this sucks alot.


03-12-2005 17:08:34

Gaita is a scamming bitch.... but i cant believe you would signup for one of her sites after getting scammed once AND seeing the TWO scam threads on her... shrug


03-12-2005 18:12:37

I did this for the trade with lkmwangi also and I get credit within 1 day I believe.


04-12-2005 11:55:53

It's just how it goes with these sort of sites - once in awhile, people don't get credit.

Anyway, it wasn't me responding to emails/tickets, so please email me again and we can work it out. I happened to be on break and the person answering was doing the best they could.


04-12-2005 11:59:15

So, basically your saying a few people never get credited even if they do the offer? Ya, that just killed any chance of me even considering that site.


04-12-2005 12:01:05

It happens with every site.

I'm not defending Gatita; I won't do her sites either. But I know that crediting mishaps happen.


04-12-2005 12:06:40

I have never had any problems with Trainn/Freepay/AnyGift...


04-12-2005 12:14:40

[quote6f5eb24e9f="Daggoth"]So, basically your saying a few people never get credited even if they do the offer? Ya, that just killed any chance of me even considering that site.[/quote6f5eb24e9f]

Umm, well, yes. That is why every site has no credit reports.

Even Gratis/Trainn.

So I think this is a bit stretched out of proportion. All sites will eventually have an offer that does not credit for lisomeoneli, be it you or someone else. It's not a perfect setup by any means. Advertisers screw up.


04-12-2005 12:18:36

Compare the amt of people on your site to Trainn/Freepay. Then compare how many times they have not credited to yours. How many times have you seen an entire site in the Scammers thread?


04-12-2005 12:25:29

Scammers get mad when they are caught, people who didn't receive credit get mad. There is an endless list of reasons it seems, and in the end, even when you are a site with a good track record, one that sends out thousands a month, people are stubborn to acknowledge that.

I don't let a user threatening to post about me on forums get me mad either. If you have enough users, some are going to be vocal about it. Good on them, but it won't change anything.

So what I am saying is, I have no more or no less crediting problems than any other sites. It just happened to affect a user(s) who made this post or one like it.


04-12-2005 12:51:03

So, in summary....

There isn't a "crediting" problem. There is a "user's who complain about not getting credit" problem.


04-12-2005 12:54:19

No, it's a case of miscommunication. He'll get credit. Like I said, someone was standing in for me while I took a break.


04-12-2005 13:18:09

Sorry Gatita, I didn't realize that. It appeared to be an open and shut case wherein I'm screwed. Thanks for being mature about it and stepping up.