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30-11-2005 17:37:50

Resolved. I'll read the rules more carefully next time >_>


30-11-2005 18:00:36

With all due respect, please contact a moderator before posting a thread in the scammers thread. This really hurts peoples reputation when it is not deserved.


30-11-2005 18:33:11

im waiting for a green on laptops from him. hasnt been that long, ill let u guys know.


30-11-2005 18:35:58

send me your ref link for giftcards i'll do it right now. with all going on around here my brother tore his ACL (in his knee) and is going in for surgery friday. i forgot im really sorry. just pm me the link


30-11-2005 20:34:45

All right. Again, I'm terribly sorry, and I'll edit my original post. I suppose that I should have read the rules a bit more carefully myself. Thanks for understanding, CGB8000.


30-11-2005 20:41:46

yea this cant hurt his rep, and for note disregard makes people wanna read it, just put resolved! )