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30-11-2005 11:43:11

Scammer. Paid him for yourfreeflatscreens and flashipods4free. He completed duplicate offers and his credit was removed. He went out of contact and hasn't been visiting FIPG forums, according to theysayjump. Yet he responded to my PayPal dispute, basically saying "buyer protection doesn't cover this," not even denying that he scammed me. In fact, the email address that he used to sign up under me didn't even exist.

Should have trusted my gut instinct and saw that he was a scammer. (


30-11-2005 11:50:12

i had to check my TM real quick, I couldve sworn i did biz with him...

guess not


30-11-2005 12:27:35

Yeah I think this guy is gone unfortunately (

He still hasn't been on since the 21st.