A bad trader

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28-11-2005 12:01:17

luda1421 is a not fair trader. I went green on his site, then contacted him many times but no reply. And he scammed me, beware! -( it was a waste. This was a while ago


29-11-2005 15:05:32

He signed up for my site a few weeks ago, insisted that he was green, i told him he wasn't, he then said that he spoke to the owner of my site and that he would be green within 12 hours.

3 weeks later and still no green and he doesn't repsond to my PM's even though he reads them.

I'll PM him again and warn him that next time he ignores me he will be banned, simply for the fact that it appears that he has scammed you.


03-12-2005 08:54:29

yeah it really pisses me off that you cant trust anyone, that was a waste of time and money