I am being scammed byMushroom1407 - Can I get a mod in here?

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22-11-2005 14:29:14

Yeah, if a mod could check some stuff out for me, it'd be great. I think that when you send a message, it goes to the outbox, and then you can tell if they've read it because it goes to the sentbox. Well, this person got me to do a last-minute instant offer, and in exchange told me he could and would do my freeipods. He signed up a few days later, and he told me he'd complete an offer, but hasn't. He even says in his trade that he would complete an offer, but he's still yellow, and I am still waiting. I offered that instead of this, if he CAN'T do freeipods, he could at least send money instead of ripping me off, but he assured me that his offer would go through and that he's been ripped off before, and hates when people do that so he won't. But.... This was all a few weeks ago, maybe as many as four since this whole exchange started, and since he's still using this site enough to look at his PMs, he needs to be "investigated." Also, checking through his past messages I have seen that somewhere (depending on interpretation) he posted something about not being able to do freeipods, and it's dated before our trade started, before he even talked to me.... Next time I will research my trades a little better i guess.... The E-Mail he used for my freeipods was email==chicagoseer@aol.comchicagoseer@aol.com=chicagoseer@aol.comchicagoseer@aol.com/email - anyone else seen that screenname? Also, I noted at one point (since I have multiple AIM accounts) that he'd blocked me on AIM..... Finally, Mushroom1407, email==chicagoseer@aol.comchicagoseer@aol.com=chicagoseer@aol.comchicagoseer@aol.com/email, or (AIM) "scottydisu" or whoever you are under any name you so choose, if you're reading this topic and you want to fix this, make amends, whatever, please PM me so we can work sometime out.


22-11-2005 17:16:22

i'd say hes a scammer... he def said he would do my freeipods for his yourfreevideoipods and this was a month ago. He signed up under the email= email=mushroom1407@yahoo.commushroom1407@yahoo.com email=mushroom1407@yahoo.commushroom1407@yahoo.com/email for me and he is still yellow.