Codex Avellum, scammer? You be the judge

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22-11-2005 06:36:21

I'm having problems with Codex Avellum - a guy a few other people have had problems with as well. See http//
and http//

I went first in a trade with him because my TR is lower. I signed up for his site on Sept. 29 or 30 and greened for him within 4 or 5 days. (He had encouraged me to sign up for Rhapsody even after I'd done it already - said I should just use a different e-mail address. That was my first clue he was shady.)

Oct. 5 I told him I greened for him. No answer for three days.

Oct. 9 he sends this "do you have msn or aim. easier contact with you. i gotta talk to you real quick" I want all our correspondence to be on this site, so I tell him no.

Oct. 9, later "did you do efax as your personal offer on your ipod site? cause i signed up today under your ref and it wasnt there" THIS WAS A LIE, and I called him on it. I gave him a deadline of the end of that day to at least go yellow on my site. Later that day I do finally see an e-mail signed up on my site. The e-mail belongs to a friend of his (supposedly).

Oct. 18 CA PMs to ask whether his friend is green. I tell him no.

Oct. 31 No further contact from CA. It's been 22 days. I ask whether his friend has submitted a support ticket. No response.

Nov. 3 I ask Jump to contact him. TSJ gets back to me on Nov. 7 saying it's all good and that the trader promised his friend would do a second offer if the first one doesn't green. Jump calls trader "a good guy." Whatever.

Nov. 11 I PM trader and ask him what's up. He writes back, "ill have him do the real superpass offer. that has been crediting quickly." Shouldn't he have done this already? He told Jump sometime between Nov. 3 and Nov. 7 that he was going to. Why, on Nov. 11, is he just now telling ME he would do this?

Nov. 19 Me "This has gone on long enough. I greened for you in 5 days. It has taken you more than 5 weeks. How do you propose to resolve this before I call you out in the scammers forum? You've been the subject of enough posts there that you should have your own section."

Him "im sending Jake my friends confirmation email and stuff. he should be able to get it figured out. If he says theres nothing he can, I can snag my other friend to do the real superpass offer. that has been crediting quickly."

Me "Send your friend's confirmation mail to me as well, please." I provide my e-mail address.

Him "he did the offer at school and hes in town for the weekend. i wont be able to send it till monday when he gets back to school."

Me "Fine. I look forward to seeing it before the end of the day on Monday."

I haven't seen the confirmation e-mail. Based on all the circumstances, including the lying he did early in the trade, my theory is that the address that's yellow on my account is one that he found online and posted. I could be wrong, but he hasn't provided me with any evidence to the contrary. The burden is on him.

Based on my experience and that of others in this forum, Codex Avellum is at best an incredibly bad trader, badgering you to green for him quickly (even committing fraud if you have to) and then dicking around for weeks and weeks when it's his turn. He may also be a scammer. If he comes forward with proof that his friend actually exists, and his friend actually greens, maybe he's not a scammer, but that doesn't change the fact that he deserves the ban hammer big time. It's time to stop coddling him.


22-11-2005 07:24:01

Me be the judge? If I was a judge, I would let people pay me off in order to receive the verdict that they want. Much like today's judges.


22-11-2005 08:02:21

Yeah, I was one of the users who had a problem. This is exactly what I was complaining about, too many people with high TR are getting their asses kissed. We see how many high TR people here have gotten banned lately so why is it continuing?

IMO TSJ, you should stop sticking up for him.Maybe you're friends or w/e, but you closed the two threads up there and continue to vouch for him even though EVERYONE says he's a lousy trader. Good Guy or not...

Glad I backed out and blocked his ass.


22-11-2005 08:10:40

He greened for me, but it took almost 4 weeks.
Never reply to my pm.
I pmed TSJ, then he immidiately turned green and pmed me for update.


22-11-2005 08:12:39

[quotee2b1ba5d61="hkartadi"]I pmed TSJ, then he immidiately turned green and pmed me for update.[/quotee2b1ba5d61]



22-11-2005 08:14:43

[quote2eb2f43794="Airkat"][quote2eb2f43794="hkartadi"]I pmed TSJ, then he immidiately turned green and pmed me for update.[/quote2eb2f43794]




22-11-2005 12:09:01



22-11-2005 13:49:34

I've got a trade with him for about a week, still not even a yellow on either site. cry


22-11-2005 17:02:11

Don't hold your breath.