Password stealer

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21-11-2005 04:34:35

My friend recieved an IM from someone named vietgurl328, so I figured he told her to IM me or something. She IMed me and asked if a profile link was mine, when I went to the link it said it said it was designed to steal password and that I should close all my browsers and change my password.

VietGurl328 (15942 AM) hi
VietGurl328 (20151 AM) is dis you? http// profile.php?mode= viewprofile&u=1469

I put a couple spaces in the link so someone doesn't accidently click it. Obviously don't past it into your browser.


21-11-2005 05:54:21

I got this too..


21-11-2005 06:03:31


VietGurl328 LMAO! http// viewtopic.php?t=26857
VietGurl328 LMAO! http// viewtopic.php?t=26857
TimmyWangy hi
VietGurl328 hi
VietGurl328 r u selling or trading any refs

the actually text doesn't even go to a valid topic, but the link to the text is not the text written. It takes you to the freeL[/size02ee31359c] to steal passwords.



21-11-2005 06:44:27

there's already a sticky on this


21-11-2005 11:51:41

Oh well isn't this great, I fell for it. Crap CRAP!


21-11-2005 11:59:18

sorry, i didnt see the sticky on it, i did a quick look through the forums i thought it may have been stickied in if it was even posted at all. i was in a rush today.


21-11-2005 12:01:49

I don't really think this one relates to the sticky. Is the same person iming us?


21-11-2005 12:30:51

yes it is. they even mention the new SN. but good to have it in multiple places to keep awareness up


21-11-2005 13:02:31

I totally agree airkat.