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20-11-2005 00:23:32

http//[" alt=""/img0c44468403]

Hey, kids! Ready for some "crimefighting"?!?!?! OKAY!!!!!!! (Don't click the links!)

[quote0c44468403](015643) FreeStuffForFree Hello Are you there?
(015700) agr0man hello
(015730) FreeStuffForFree can you help me test something out?
(015748) agr0man uh. okay.
(015749) agr0man )
(015755) agr0man who is this?
(015804) FreeStuffForFree boriquahitman from freeipod guide
(015831) agr0man ok. what can i help you with?
(015835) FreeStuffForFree well im working on a site that'll show all the proof each site has to offer, basically to prove that its legit.
(015925) agr0man ok, so your site will prove that TRAIN, freepay, etc sites are legit?? is that what you mean?
(015933) FreeStuffForFree yes
(015937) agr0man ok, gotcha.
(015939) FreeStuffForFree http//
(015944) FreeStuffForFree could you login to each one of those
(020015) FreeStuffForFree and tell me if you get in
(020017) FreeStuffForFree if you havent done a site
(020019) agr0man haha suuuuure! -P ref links
(020019) FreeStuffForFree dont login
(020026) FreeStuffForFree -)
(020031) FreeStuffForFree FreeStuffForFree if you havent done a site
FreeStuffForFree dont login
(020048) agr0man alright just a second.
(020103) agr0man well, i havent done any of those.
(020120) agr0man you might have better luck with someone who has done most of the freepay sites.
(020129) agr0man i've only done ipods, premiumipods, and macminis
(020230) FreeStuffForFree freepay?
(020309) agr0man yes
(020316) FreeStuffForFree hold on one sec
(020326) agr0man 3604free, that's an offercentric site??
(020333) FreeStuffForFree traiin
(020333) FreeStuffForFree -)
(020622) FreeStuffForFree ok
(020629) FreeStuffForFree http//
(020633) FreeStuffForFree you said you did the ipods one
(020635) FreeStuffForFree click the link
(020644) FreeStuffForFree and see if it takes you to the site
(020648) FreeStuffForFree do it for each one
(020711) FreeStuffForFree they are referal links, but if you already signed up, as in you login it wont do anything to benefit me
(020925) agr0man uhm, hi! what's this?? http//
(020928) agr0man OMG!?
(020931) agr0man WTFBBQ!!!!
(020932) agr0man -P
(021023) FreeStuffForFree ?
(021138) agr0man <form id="signup" name="frmSignup" method="post" action=" http//" onsubmit="SignUpPop()">
(021147) agr0man look familiar?
(021213) agr0man at least the login page is not working... http//
(021237) FreeStuffForFree didnt set it up yet
(021239) FreeStuffForFree good eye though
(021239) agr0man i think what you're trying to do is PROVE that YOU aren't legit.
(021313) FreeStuffForFree yeah
(021319) FreeStuffForFree howd you figure that out
(021800) FreeStuffForFree you checked the script before logging in?
(021847) agr0man yeah, sorry dude..
(021850) agr0man -P
(021859) FreeStuffForFree nah dude its fine
(021905) FreeStuffForFree it just proves that you're intelligent.
(021917) FreeStuffForFree you think it'll trick anyone though?[/quote0c44468403]

Remember, kids... Don't click links from strangers!


20-11-2005 00:34:43

good porn.


20-11-2005 00:38:10


nice try, but i saved some good stuff.. screenshots coming soon!


20-11-2005 00:43:00

good catch. lisighli


20-11-2005 00:52:20

Before the site was changed I clicked on a link and was directed to the URL

http// (which will likely be changed soon too!!)

Which was a copy of the page with one exception. The "Members Login" link was changed to point to
http// (which apparently was a mistake; refer to AIM posted above)

And, he had also changed the signup form to post to a guestbook.

[code13b345ea87d]<form id="signup" name="frmSignup" method="post" action="" onsubmit="SignUpPop()">[/code13b345ea87d]

here are some screenshots
[img3b345ea87d]http/" alt=""/"491/8427/[" alt=""/img3b345ea87d][=http//img="][img3b345ea87d]http/" alt=""/"491/8427/[" alt=""/img3b345ea87d][img3b345ea87d]http/" alt=""/"491/580/[" alt=""/img3b345ea87d][=http//img="][img3b345ea87d]http/" alt=""/"491/580/[" alt=""/img3b345ea87d][img3b345ea87d]http/" alt=""/"491/6772/[" alt=""/img3b345ea87d][=http//img="][img3b345ea87d]http/" alt=""/"491/6772/[" alt=""/img3b345ea87d]


20-11-2005 08:06:40

lol, nice. +karma for that find! Stupid scamming twats. Even if they did pull it off, Jake is right here on the forums.




20-11-2005 09:09:19


Guess who that was?

Our good friend brunstar.

Nice find btw! D


20-11-2005 09:42:48

Yup, that idiot tried to get me too )


20-11-2005 12:15:44


Guess who that was?

Our good friend brunstar.

Nice find btw! D[/quote499ff5a735]

yeah, if you check brunstar's trade record, that's how he got it up was with this other account. is there anyway to block his ip?


20-11-2005 14:13:31

He changed the site to some [perverted] porn. What exactly was the site? A duplicate of FIG?


20-11-2005 14:23:10

Haha. That's awesome, good job. D


20-11-2005 20:57:51


Guess who that was?

Our good friend brunstar.

Nice find btw! D[/quote2303cc9554]

yeah, if you check brunstar's trade record, that's how he got it up was with this other account. is there anyway to block his ip?[/quote2303cc9554]

Yeah I "wildcard" banned his IP and every other IP he or his alias' posted from.


28-11-2005 23:21:20

I never enter data ANYWHERE without checking the address bar --- to easy to become a victim of phishing ...