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18-11-2005 18:25:56

[i69826f6ffc]public service announcements brought to you by...[/i69826f6ffc]

[i69826f6ffc]...the good folks at[/i69826f6ffc]

You will see site down until tomorrow afternoon, we're updating script (crediting system, adding referral feature, much more powerful system). With this, and 4 other projects going on leaves me really busy, just because I donít instantly respond to you on AIM, doesnít mean that Iím scamming anybody. Be patient and with this new script, 99% of problems occurring before will be fixed.

Also lookout, like I said, for new site coming tomorrow; and another one in couple days.

About Crediting; Iím aware that some people didnít get credit for offers they did, for whatever reason, you will be able to request that credit once everything works tomorrow, if itís found in our system, it will be credited and if not then I will submit to my publisher

[i69826f6ffc]...Now, back to our regular scheduled program[/i69826f6ffc]