bpfootball999 is a SCAMMER ~~RESOLVED~~

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13-11-2005 14:55:13

I did a trade with this user, and he really gives noobs everywhere a bad name. I was just burned before by a guy on A4F who did stamps.com so I had to pay him instantly, and he went red. Now bpfootball999 has gone red (did stamps too). He insisted on payment, although I knew I should have waited until I was approved. He said he is pending a 4 TR, so watch out if you traded with him.


13-11-2005 15:13:47

wow crazy, I jsut saw him posting in another thread about the TR he has on the way.

Thats the thing with some of these scammers.. how do we know they arent just going green for the 50th time? I mean realistically, they could complete a site 50 times right? All we see is the green until we try to approve...


13-11-2005 15:33:04

i sent in a support ticket
and refunded 18 of his so far...

if i dont go green again
then he gets the rest of his money back...



13-11-2005 15:50:54

Yeah, you did refund 18 of it, but this explains why you went red http//forum.freeipodguide.com/viewtopic.php?t=26350


13-11-2005 15:52:56

Whers my money?


13-11-2005 16:16:44

just wow man


15-11-2005 16:42:26

Well what's going on with this?

Has it been resolved? Has anyone been scammed? Has anyone done their part of the trade and he has not?


15-11-2005 18:05:13

Okay I was going to post this tomorrow but here is what is going on.

We changed the deal so he would do AnyGift4Four. I already paid him $20. He did an offer and gave me a screenshot proving it. It has taken no more than a day to credit any of my refs for this site so I will post tomorrow informing if he has gone green or not.


15-11-2005 18:15:23

OK, thank you.

Does anyone else still have an oustanding issue with him?


15-11-2005 18:28:21

liPoints at Brok3n Swordli


15-11-2005 18:52:42

no, me and brok3n are all taken care of...

I sent him 18 paypal back,
and did his Earnfreegamingsystems.
he was offering 25,
so i really did his site for 7 dollars since i felt bad for turning red...

so that should sum it up...


15-11-2005 20:54:11

As soon as everyone who had/has a problem with bpfootball999, posts in this thread saying that everything is sorted, then this can be considered "taken care of".

Until then, it remains open and you remain unable to trade.


16-11-2005 11:57:12

Yeah, sorry for not posting sooner. bpfootball999 made a mistake, but was very nice about it and payed me back. Everything has been resolved between us.


16-11-2005 12:00:26

He originally payed me 25 to do this site.
i went red, ( due to 1 other account by accident...)
payed him back 18 + a green on Earnfreegamingsystems..

This issue is over,
pleaes unlock my trading thread
and it wont happen again.



16-11-2005 12:07:56

What about Daggoth?


16-11-2005 12:59:48

Daggoth is also done
i did Trippikk ( Names hard to spell) offer for him
and greened this morning..

he hasnt been on aim.
but i did go green and i have a screenshot if you need one...

you can read the forum

Mod's Please DELETE

and also delete it when it is done,
i was told to change the title by daggoth last night


16-11-2005 15:17:58

Sorry, I haven't been, but I got to go to school, its the law.

Yes, he has gone green. Thank you. You may now lock this thread if it okay with Brok3n Sword.


16-11-2005 22:40:38

This thread won't be deleted, but it will be locked. I edited the original thread title.

bpfootball999 just go ahead and make a new thread in the Trading Post.