codex avellum -- bad experience

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13-11-2005 14:50:20

Add me to the list of new people with bad experiences.. Although I have had some cool trades so far (not completely done yet, so no TR) but anyways...

OK, this guy hit me up on AIM looking to trade. After some talks back and forth, I decide I'll try out his site (PSPS OC). I ask for his username here so I can check him out.

When I go through his post history, I see a thread where he says he requested approval for the site he agreed to do for me (3604free)


I ask how he plans to do my site when he has already done it. This is what followed

[quote2751878244]AirKat o31 how can you REdo it?

c0dex avellum what?

AirKat o31 woops

AirKat o31 http//

c0dex avellum im not doing 3604free

c0dex avellum if your gonna researcj every post and stuff just forget it dude, im not here to scam anyone. but whatever

AirKat o31 wtf

c0dex avellum what

AirKat o31 #1 if I werent to check out the people I do business with, I'd be a dumbass

AirKat o31 so you getting mad that I just checked your past posts doesnt help anything here

c0dex avellum no

AirKat o31 and i saw that u said u submitted for 3604free int haty thread

AirKat o31 but above u said ud do 3604free for me

AirKat o31 so I was jsut wondering how u planned to do it again

AirKat o31 some peopel get their friends to do it, which is cool, I'd just like to know

AirKat o31 but for it to be an issue that I check out who im dealing with before I deal with them becaus eof all the scammers around is ridiculous

c0dex avellum yeah my friend was gonna do stamps for you

c0dex avellum and get you an instant green[/quote2751878244]

So OK, I decide to try it. He tells me to do the wine offer which is instant and I can cancel before it ships. Iight cool. I check it out, its a hefty one. 120$.. I don't even drink wine.. so I ask him about it. He says OK if you dont wanna do it its cool but that he was sure I could do it and cancel and get credit.

So I decide to try, and as I'm filling out my info, I see this

[quote2751878244]Credit towards your incentive is applied after you receive, accept and pay for your first shipment. If you have any questions regarding your incented gift, please contact the website that brought you to our order page. If you have any questions regarding your Direct Wines purchase, please email us[/quote2751878244]

I tell him this, but at that point he's away and his away message says "Volleyball til dark".

OK.. I'll wait for him to return... When he does, the following ensues

[quote2751878244]c0dex avellum did you do any offer?

AirKat o31 no, I pasted that from the site and uw ere gone

AirKat o31 they state right on the site you wont receive credit at an incentive site until you take delivery of your first shipment

c0dex avellum so the trade is done

c0dex avellum ?

AirKat o31 well if you want I can do another offer

c0dex avellum which?

AirKat o31 but I stopped at that point because you jsut left without word

c0dex avellum yeah i said i had to go to my friends

AirKat o31 well yeah, u actually said u were gonna get your friend to do it. so when you bounced without saying anything I figured you would hit me back from your friends to do the offer

c0dex avellum you didnt green yet

c0dex avellum youll get your green once you green

AirKat o31 lislaps foreheadli

AirKat o31 I know I didnt

AirKat o31 buit if you were wanting me to do the wine offer which is INSTANT

AirKat o31 I wouldve expected it right back

AirKat o31 but at this point, it doesnt look like this trade is going to work

AirKat o31 im gonna put in for request for deletion

c0dex avellum what the hell are you talking about

c0dex avellum you didnt green, i would have went instant at my friends if you were green

AirKat o31 alright, im not going to argue this. you didnt even hit me up from your friends house or say u wer eleaving at that point. you jsut bounced

c0dex avellum i told you i had to go in 5-10 minutes

AirKat o31 couple that with your general attitude during this whole thing, and its just not worth it

c0dex avellum no answer

c0dex avellum alright who fucken cares delete it

AirKat o31 cool

c0dex avellum you backed outta your word not me

AirKat o31 what?

c0dex avellum you

AirKat o31 w/e man. you told me an offer could be done

AirKat o31 it coudlnt be done the way you wanted

c0dex avellum yeah it could

AirKat o31 couple that with the other issues here and I see no point

AirKat o31 im requesting deletion

AirKat o31 no hard no foul

c0dex avellum i dont care

c0dex avellum lol

AirKat o31 if anything, I wasted time here

c0dex avellum who fucken cares if you delete it

AirKat o31 so I dont see what your beef is

c0dex avellum im not touching it

c0dex avellum so it will sit there

AirKat o31 w/e[/quote2751878244]

So, I don't know what's stuck up this guys arse, or if he was having a bad day or what, but I'd never do biz with someone who acts like this during a trade. High TR or not...



13-11-2005 15:01:30

I too would like to mention codex is very unprofessional when it comes to trading.

A while ago he and I decided to trade. I waited for him to green, but he didn't even yellow. I wasn't able to reach him, but about three days later he changes his mind and said he did it for someone who offered more. Keep in mind this is after we confirmed on the trade module, and keep in mind he backed out of the trade [iee633f8afc]without even telling me[/iee633f8afc].

Personally, I find these kind of traders just as bad as scammers.
In fact, these kind of traders usually end up as scammers anyway.


13-11-2005 16:39:37

Well this isn't the "Do you have an issue with some who you nearly traded with?" section. It's the scammers section.

Codex asked you to do an offer and he was sure that you could do the wine one. You checked it out and decided you couldn't, so you backed out of the trade, which in turn got him pissed (as it would I). He may have gotten a little too pissed but that's no reason to make a thread in here about it.

Instant greens aren't always "You green for someone and then they immediately sign up and green for you". He might have gone out, but that doesn't mean you wouldn't have gotten your instant green.

Either way, the trade didn't happen so there's no real need for this thread.