blynkj, i went green and now he is requesting trade deletion

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11-11-2005 14:36:51

i started a trade with him in september and it is now november. i went green instantly and he said he completed an offer, but he never went green. now he is requesting deletion in trade module for the trade.
whats going on?

are you allowed to do that?
what does that mean?


11-11-2005 15:20:02

It means that you should contact a mod cause that is not allowed.


11-11-2005 17:55:33

No you are not allowed to do that unless you have both agreed to it.

PM me the details and I'll speak to him.


11-11-2005 19:37:26

Hmmm, yea thats pretty messed up, just let JUMP handle it he will definatly get to the bottom of this.