earnbypoints.com rocks!

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09-11-2005 16:01:21

Nevermind, Ismar and I are on AIM as I speak...

I honestly just wanted to use this thread to get his attention...


09-11-2005 16:35:49

Its not a scam, ismar is around all the time to talk.
$30 isn't a big ol' sum to run away with either...
cool your fucking jets.


09-11-2005 16:54:17

I wonder if there's a conflict since Noobert ran the contest and now he's no longer with the company.


09-11-2005 18:02:29

So its automatically a scam because he hasnt responded to your messages?...omg I would expect this behavior from a noob, but you been around here for a few months...


09-11-2005 18:18:01

patience my friend!


09-11-2005 18:18:05

nah today was a crazy day, i finally hit 5K in orders, so real busy gettin everything done but i got you now...


11-11-2005 10:03:37

Does this mean that those of us with support requests and email in queue can expect responses shortly? Thanks!