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08-11-2005 11:18:21

We started a trade on October 6th; I'd pay him $25 and he'd go green on my FlashiPods4Free. I sent him the money the next day, the 7th. This is what he PM'd me
[quote0b7b8568cf="The_Huffster"]I'm heading home from work right now then I'm going bow hunting. I'll do it first thing tomorrow morning when I come into work.[/quote0b7b8568cf]
Almost a week had gone by and he remained yellow on FlashiPods4Free. I PM'd him on the 12th asking if he had done an offer and he replied saying he did. I waited another 11 days before PMing him again, asking which offer he completed and if he needed to send in a support ticket. I got no response. 4 days ago I sent a third PM asking him to get back to me about submitting a support ticket or completing an offer if he hadn't. Receiving no response, again, I decided to IM him on AIM. He was clearly online, not away or idle when I asked him if he completed an offer yet, but he didn't answer me. I told him that if he didn't get in contact with me I would have to make a scammer thread. It's been over a month now and this is getting ridiculous. Anyone else having any problems with The Huffster or have had problems with him in the past?


08-11-2005 11:50:49

he must have died during bow hunting!!! shock shock
yeah you waited a more than reasonable amount of time, gl


12-11-2005 14:24:43

Can a mod please PM The Huffster about this whole thing? I've been trying to get in contact with him here and on AIM and he just doesn't want to respond.


12-11-2005 14:29:59

nothing pisses me off more than when people read Pm's yet dont reply to them.


12-11-2005 15:18:03

I know, and this guy doesn't even respond on AIM. ?


12-11-2005 19:53:31

[quote52137919a4="Automag389"]Can a mod please PM The Huffster about this whole thing? I've been trying to get in contact with him here and on AIM and he just doesn't want to respond.[/quote52137919a4]

Did you try E-mailing him?


13-11-2005 11:50:56

Yep, he still won't respond.


13-11-2005 16:28:59

He last logged on here on Thursday. I'll PM him and see if I can get a response.


13-11-2005 19:16:46

i started a trade with him on the 27th of october, paid him the same day, and still don't have a green. he was supposed to do a 1-day credit bingo offer... i still haven't heard back from him.


26-11-2005 13:22:37

Well, I finally got in contact with The_Huffster. Here's the AIM conversation

[quotea809a12805]Automag389 (40545 PM) hey
Chrishuff123 (40554 PM) whats up
Automag389 (40611 PM) you know who i am right? from fipg?
Chrishuff123 (40612 PM) did i finally green
Automag389 (40619 PM) oh nvm
Automag389 (40620 PM) no
Chrishuff123 (40638 PM) damn it
Automag389 (40640 PM) dude i havent been able to reach you for a month
Automag389 (40646 PM) i pmed you and emailed you
Chrishuff123 (40718 PM) havent been on fipg in a long time
Chrishuff123 (40727 PM) emails have changed too so thats pry why
Automag389 (40731 PM) ooh
Chrishuff123 (40749 PM) what site was this again? anything4free?
Automag389 (40754 PM) flashipods4free
Chrishuff123 (40802 PM) oh ya
Automag389 (40835 PM) you did an offer right?
Chrishuff123 (40908 PM) ya, and dont ask what one cause i dont know-P i suppose i have to doa nother
Automag389 (40926 PM) well you could submit a support ticket
Chrishuff123 (41106 PM) how reliable is aol music net
Automag389 (41153 PM) that was the offer i did on my first freepay site. it credits fine but cancelling is a bitch
Chrishuff123 (41217 PM) ya i did aol before
Automag389 (41225 PM) oh
Chrishuff123 (41227 PM) aol music net is different and you can do both
Automag389 (41239 PM) ooh
Automag389 (41247 PM) well then go for it
Chrishuff123 (41442 PM) done
Automag389 (41449 PM) cool
Chrishuff123 wants to directly connect (41458 PM).
Chrishuff123 is now directly connected (41609 PM).
Chrishuff123 (41659 PM)[screenshot of the confirmation page]
Automag389 (41749 PM) nice
Automag389 (41757 PM) thanks man
Chrishuff123 (41818 PM) np, sorry its taken so long
Automag389 (41849 PM) no prob
Chrishuff123 direct connection is closed (42038 PM)[/quotea809a12805]

And there you have it. This situation has been resolved. D


02-12-2005 17:30:03

i'm glad it worked out well for you... meanwhile i am still waiting for a response. chatted with him on aim a couple of times, but no progress on my green. i have finally just asked him to refund my paypal payment and haven't yet heard back. we'll see how that goes.