xX TheSiege Xx

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08-11-2005 07:00:01

Not a scammer, but a moron, and a banned one at that.

1) He's bumping all of the threads that the banned TheSiege spammed in.
2) He's got his location as COLORADO, the same as J4320's, and J4320 is who brought him here and is a real life friend of the banned TheSiege... so...

Those things make it look like xX TheSiege Xx is the banned person, "TheSiege", and is just as annoying and bumping 8+ month old posts, and should really be (re)banned.

Ty. <3


08-11-2005 07:40:38

lol i should have looked here first, but i basically posted the same suggestion in the off-topic
i found it kind of wierd that he joined Nov 1st.


08-11-2005 14:16:10

He is the same person. We (mods) were asked if he could come back on the condition that he wouldn't post random shite.

Now he is bringing back old topics like there's no tomorrow. I will contact him and tell him to stop, or expect a ban.


08-11-2005 14:56:58

i mean, he is really funny if can just control himself


09-11-2005 06:22:15

thanks TSJ. bumping old posts is a pet peeve of mine when i use forums P


10-11-2005 05:21:33

did you manage to get that sand out of your vagina yet?