Fugger FIPG (AIM) A Scammer!

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07-11-2005 20:41:45

Do not deal with this guy. I was scammed by him. I've been hoodwinked! LOL. IAnyway, this guy deserves the worse, whoever he is. I don't know his name on the forums. He exited AIM the instant I told him I finished. Too bad I canceled ASAP, so he won't get any greens from me. Anyone else want to do business the right way, let me know.


07-11-2005 20:49:11

Fugger is a guy on the forums, by the same name. However, I doubt that he is the same person. You should always trade through the trade module, not AIM. D

EDIT His AIM is ohn03zzz
It can be found in his profile here http//forum.freeipodguide.com/profile.php?mode=viewprofile&u=66


07-11-2005 20:56:23

Fugger FIPG is this guy's AIM. I guess he's impersonating. Anyway, I'm new, so I wasn't completely aware of everything. I'm learning quickly though. Thanks.


07-11-2005 20:58:28

Ya, I would agree that he is an impersonater.


07-11-2005 21:01:37

Most definatley not me.


07-11-2005 21:11:58

Suurreeee. wink


07-11-2005 21:18:26

Btw, ask the admin of the site to put his account on hold for scamming.


10-11-2005 19:47:13

yeah I was duped by this fag as well, he went yellow for me so I thought it was cool, but he still hasnt gone green, and now I know why


10-11-2005 20:22:39

[b46adea367b]If you have his ref link, then put him on hold.[/b46adea367b]


11-11-2005 08:01:56

how? I dont think I have it, but I went green on his flashipods ref, can I contact trainn and tell them about it?


11-11-2005 08:57:25

Yeah. Put in a support ticket and tell them the person you signed up under scammed you.


11-11-2005 13:39:09

I tried something like that with Trainn, they said they cannot put him on hold because he has not violated the TOS, but they removed my ref from his account. D