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07-11-2005 20:11:54

Don't trade with this guy, and I wouldn't recommend doing his site based on my dealings with him. Here is my story...

I am sick and tired of the crap Sandlund/Sports4Free Admin is pulling. He has wasted 2 months of my time on Freepay nanos site. Let me first start by saying that I worked hard at the beginning to get my greens when the site first came out. Sandlund owed me a green because I previously did two sites for him. He said he would do an instant credit offer once he was my last referral. Okay, whatever, right? By the Tuesday after I had 3/5 greens. I soon got my 4th referral and told him it was his turn to go green. So he did an offer. Waited a few days. Told me he did the offer on the wrong account. Told me he would get his friend to go green. So a week later, his friend signs up, goes green eventually. So I waste almost an entire month waiting for this crap. Whatever, I get my 5th green and request approval. While waiting for approval, he also magically goes green on his account signed up under me (remember he did the offer ALREADY under another account). I have been requesting approval for nearly a month, and today, two of my referrals go grey (him and his friend). So I went from 6/5 to 4/5. This shit is ridiculous. I do not know how he can run his own site and I feel sorry for anybody that does his site.

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07-11-2005 20:15:26

Damn. ?


07-11-2005 20:25:31

Sandlund is a newb scammer, he was banned several times by me =)


07-11-2005 20:28:02

that sucks


07-11-2005 20:28:57

Yeah, very stupid of you to trade with him. ( Sorry man.


07-11-2005 20:34:43

wow that guy such an asshat
Gigante is an awesome trader ..


07-11-2005 20:40:41

[quote1b30c8390b="sweeedfish"]Sandlund is a newb scammer, he was banned several times by me =)[/quote1b30c8390b]

[b1b30c8390b]Sports4Free?[/b1b30c8390b] the Admin from A4F?


07-11-2005 20:41:48

Hes not an admin of A4F...thats sportzstar


07-11-2005 20:46:42

[quote69ccabecab="ajrock2000"]Hes not an admin of A4F...thats sportzstar[/quote69ccabecab]

http//[" alt=""/img69ccabecab] [size=2469ccabecab][b69ccabecab]GOTCHA![/b69ccabecab][/size69ccabecab]


07-11-2005 20:48:57



07-11-2005 21:13:44

He was banned TWICE on A4F. The first time for spamming his site, the second time for scamming. roll