Pete lost contact, scammed me

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07-11-2005 17:52:11

Don't trade from Pete.

He has a 65 TR, but went out of contact from me. I went green for him, and he didn't do anything...

anyone else having problems with this guy?


07-11-2005 18:04:28

He left the country suddenly for some pretty legitimate reasons. I was under the impression that he was making good on all of his trades.

I would suggest contacting him outside of FIPG, as he hasn't been on in several weeks.


07-11-2005 19:32:55

Wait, is he still making trades with people or is this from a while ago?


07-11-2005 19:35:01

Hey smartypants, I live near you )


07-11-2005 22:15:03

On his profile he says that he'll be back on oct. 15th. It's almost NOV 15th, and he hasn't made any good his trade to me. I've tried via AIM to contact, and I don't have his email addy, so I can't get ahold of him at all.


08-11-2005 06:31:14

I do not believe that he's making new trades, but, per the earlier threads in this section, he had several unresolved trades when he left the country.

Here are the email and AIM addresses I know of that are associated with him
AIM rllpk

These were his comments when he refunded my money

[quote61d5ec7360="Pete"]Hello Keith A. I was busy just because of my grandma died. I am not a scammer or wanted to scam you. But still i'm not going to trade anymore,why? because they FIG's system is really shitty. FIG gave power to freebie REP/. once again sorry bro, good Lck.p[/quote61d5ec7360]

It seems like he is equating his decision not to initiate new trades or visit the forum (a reasonable decision) with full license to abandon commitments he made to other FIPG members (unacceptable).

Good luck in getting your trade with him resolved. Just go about it cordially, because he has obviously been through some tough times.


08-11-2005 07:43:41

peoples reasoning confuses me