PeachFrost where are you????

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06-11-2005 21:06:18

well i had a trade with PeachFrost for paypal payment. i went green on october 25th, updated my status in the trade and pm'ed her that day. the next day she visited the forums(i know cause she made a post) but she didnt reply to my pm, pay me, or update the trade status. well its 12 days later and still no reply or money. id really like to resolve this issue. can any admin/mod tell me if shes visited the board recently? she doesnt have aim or email contact info available, so could someone contact her in any way. im not sure what to do but this very slow, and terrible communication.


23-11-2005 11:24:35

Hei coolry,
Did he reply back to you?
I have a trade with this guy too. But since my tr is higher than his, then he need to go first...

I am just surprised his tr went down to -1