kalbear Where are you?

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06-11-2005 20:43:41

kalbear hasn't been here since I went green, anyone else have a trade w/ him? Dont want to count him completely out, could be vacation or something, but wanted to see if its only me...


06-11-2005 21:06:29

When did you go green? Did you PM a mod to see when his last visit was?


07-11-2005 11:51:27

I went green nearly two weeks ago, and have been watching for him, on the who's been online today page, he hasn't been on since I went green and maybe before... so he could be on a trip or something, but was seeing if other people have trades with him...


11-11-2005 19:44:37

Yea he probly gone somewhere or having computer diffucluties.