**RESOLVED** Cow-Tipper = Scammer! Don't Trust! **RESOLVED**

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03-11-2005 19:05:54

Me and Cow Tipper set up a trade on the 15th of October. I completed the offer first since I had a lower trade and completed it right away. It processed in about 1 or 2 days and then I notified him that it was his turn. I sent a ton of pms, e-mails, and aim instant messages in which he only ignored me every time. I wasted 40 bucks doing an instant offer for him and getting nothing in return. This is a bad trader and terrible with communication. DO NOT TRUST HIM!


03-11-2005 20:12:23

He is still getting online (as recently as 3 hours ago) so I have PM'ed him and told him to reply to this thread.

We shall see.


04-11-2005 09:20:50

I don't know if he did it on purpose or not but I have tried to contact him way beyond understanding. No reply and the one time I get a reply it's that freepay is slow and he is just now going to send in a support ticket, meanwhile banking in and waiting for his xbox360 to process while I haven't even got a GREEN from him. Bad communication, unfair trade.


04-11-2005 09:49:50

we are in a trade and he hasnt gone green in over 15 days (more like 20 ) and he isn't responding to my pms even though he has read them... this is more just annoying then anything since I haven't gone green for him yet but I could have been using the site to trade with someone else if he doesnt come through


04-11-2005 10:37:59

Exact same thing for me except I went green for him after like 1 day. Not only that but I did the Inkblvd offer which costs me 40 bucks because at the time all of the other offers sucked.


04-11-2005 11:20:54

He PM'd me Nov 1st and 2nd trying to setup a trade. He said he could do ipods even though in a previous post he said he couldnt. I asked him about it and he said he moved. I felt uneasy about that answer so I didnt start a trade.


04-11-2005 12:35:48

He did a trade with me before. He went green about 5 days. I am still requesting approval though... for freepay nano


04-11-2005 13:09:50

wow, its amazing how people dont believe me, i signed up for a credit card offer and still havnt received it, i cannot make them send me one any quicker


04-11-2005 13:41:08

yea thats true, cc offers take a while, i know ive done so many offers, it takes a while.


04-11-2005 13:51:04

i'm new so excuse me if this has been discussed here before. i've been following this thread today and i'm wondering if anyone has collected the average turnaround time for the offers on these sites? alot of the offers are similar from site to site; so you wouldn't think that the turnaround time would stray too much from the norm across sites.

other good information to know would be approximate cost for each offer, and perhaps the amount of time you are allowed to decide to take advantage of the offer (for example, 30 days for AOL music, 14 days for Rhapsody, 15 days for Stamps.com, 30 days to keep book subscription, BMG == commitment to purchase more music, etc).. something like this would allow people to make more informed decisions from one central location, rather than having to click through each offer to review the terms.

does something like this already exist?


04-11-2005 14:40:00


The issue in this case sounds like it has more to do with communication between traders...


04-11-2005 20:39:02

I communicated perfectly. The issue in my case at least is the being screwed on this trade. I paid to complete an instant offer for him so he could get a green and what do I get? A ton of waiting and no communication from him updates or reassurance. I wouldn't be as mad if he would reply to my messages and at least show that he cares and intends on completing my offer like he needs to.


04-11-2005 20:53:12

Without getting much further into it, my point was not that you failed to stay in touch.


05-11-2005 21:17:13

[quote4380ee66bc="Cow-Tipper"]wow, its amazing how people dont believe me, i signed up for a credit card offer and still havnt received it, i cannot make them send me one any quicker[/quote4380ee66bc]

ummm well that still doesnt explain why you haven't responded to my pms....and you said you did efax for me so I still ahven't heard anything relevant...


08-11-2005 09:01:07

Any success from dealing with this guy yet? He wants to send me some check or something for $10 but I told him that I agreed to trade with him because I needed a freeipods.com referral. I spend $40 and do an instant for him. Wait, wait, and wait some more and still nothing. I even replied immediately to the first PM he has sent me, (the one offering the $10) and he hasn't replied to that one yet. Unbelievable.


09-11-2005 12:01:31

I added "RESOLVED" because he decided to just do an instant offer instead. It went green only after like 2 days so that's great! I wish it would have been this easy to begin with. Oh well, just glad to have my last green for freeipods.com! D