**resolved** silentvixen scammed me! **Resolved**

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03-11-2005 17:26:32

I got her a green in one day and it's been 7 weeks, and still yellow. I kept PMing her to email gratis and manually go green for me, but she didn't. She also has stopped responding to my PM's after 5 weeks. Stay away from her! twisted


03-11-2005 20:09:49

She hasn't been online for nearly 1 week but I PM'ed her and told her to reply to this thread so we shall have to wait and see if she does.

In the meantime could you give more details about your trade with her please?


04-11-2005 17:39:01

ha ha. You haven't been scammed. I was out of town! I DID email them-don't lie! roll I just did another offer. Not much else I can do at the moment!


04-11-2005 17:46:54

OH- and if you'd have thought to check the outbox, you'd have seen that I never even logged in and saw your pms!


04-11-2005 18:49:46

thats what happens when u dont follow the rules, u start dumb threads, instead of contactin moderator.


04-11-2005 20:01:14

I did contact the moderator and they said to pm silentvixen wait a few days, and then post on here.

You have read my pms' now, and I [bb0b31b0a83]still [/bb0b31b0a83]haven't received a pm reply from silentvixen asking for screenshots of the email sent (as the moderator recommended me to do). I also pmed her asking for $15 for the green I got her and she didn't get me a green (after 8 weeeks still), and the moderator told me to ask for $15 in compensation. and still, no reply. roll


04-11-2005 20:12:07

DUDE chill out you will get your green complaining isn't helping


04-11-2005 20:37:51

and in case you can't read, I DID ANOTHER OFFER!!!


08-11-2005 14:38:10

You can't expect me to wait 2 months for your green, which is why I asked for $15 instead. Also, my nano was already approved and is shipping tomorrow.


08-11-2005 14:46:58

ha ha. You keep asking me to get a green and all of a sudden your nano is shipping now? Sorry guy. Nothing I can do about that. Will be green any day hopefully.

I've waited 2 months or more for trades to complete. Live and learn. The freebie system isn't perfect and sometimes it takes time and PATIENCE, which you don't seem to have.


08-11-2005 15:24:13

"Will be green any day hopefully. " You have been sayng that for the last 2 months roll For the last 3 weeks I have been asking for $15 instead, not a green. Can YOU read?


08-11-2005 16:18:07

Why would he pay you when hes already done an offer and should be going green?


08-11-2005 16:59:18

I said I did another offer. I never said that before. I contacted them and never got anything back! I'm not going to kiss your ass dude. Grow up.


08-11-2005 18:25:18



10-11-2005 17:47:41

I AM NOW GREEN!!! Mark this as RESOLVED!