Just wondering....

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31-10-2005 21:42:46

if i was in a trade with someone and it took me 15 days to green because of an offer error and i sent in support ticket and all and stayed in contact... he says that since i didn't green for so long he found replacement people and all, now i haven't get green on my side because he's telling a friend to do it and it's taken at least two-three weeks... do i still have a valid argument against this person or does my 15 day suupport ticket issue kinda justify him taking forever and his part? i've also completed all the offers i need on that site but a couple of them might go red so having an extra for insurance would be nice... i don't really want to make a deal out of this because it would be my second issue with trading here out of only five trades...


01-11-2005 11:05:56

If you greened for him, then he is obligated to complete your site. This just happened to me. See my thread about Allen626 in this forum. Similar situation. Talk to [b7b6dc08f18]theysayjump[/b7b6dc08f18].