IT's Offical... SCAMMED by Mikkstaz

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29-10-2005 23:50:33

It's been two and a half months. She has made up every excuse in the book why she has not refunded my money since she never went green on my site. One of her excuses has been she hardly ever gets online but I know she reads my PMS cause they leave my outbox and why would you conduct a trade if you're hardly ever online? Anyway, I've been SCAMMED....


30-10-2005 00:08:16

I PMed her last week and she read it but didn't respond. i have dropped her TR to -1 and I will PM her again.

If she reads it but doesn't respond then I guess a ban is all that's left.


30-10-2005 00:09:44

I've heard so much about this person, but I've never really seen them? Link to profile for the lazy?


30-10-2005 00:10:37

well don't you report links if they scam?


30-10-2005 00:11:33



30-10-2005 00:13:00

Hey thanks theysayjump, atleast one mod did something about it... FINALLY.


30-10-2005 00:16:11

yea but heiryferry has to have her link he/she did do an offer for her


30-10-2005 00:35:06

I didn't do an offer for her. I paid her to do one of my sites and she never did it so she told me she would refund my money.


30-10-2005 00:57:34

oh ok


30-10-2005 06:44:07

I just had a real fast trade with her, all less than an hour, i dont know whats wrong cause i traded with her before, she didnt green after 1 month and refunded my money, so there must be something up, i don't think shes out to scam.


30-10-2005 14:41:21

It doesn't matter if you're out to scam isn't the point. The point is you don't trade with a person if you're not going to be online and I'm sure over the period of 2 months I'm sure she had time/funds to pay people back or do their offer.


02-11-2005 14:35:32

This is the e-mail from Mikkstaz

From mikkstaz
To hairyferry
Posted Wed Nov 02, 2005 958 am
Subject Re HELLO
hairyferry wrote
Where is MY MONEY????

In your wallet

It's Ban time


02-11-2005 21:26:26

She scammed me too, big time. I payed her $20 to go green at, over 2 months ago. After numerous PMs, still nothing.


12-11-2005 07:44:54

I will report her as fraudulent to paypal on Monday if she doesn't pay me back. I suggest everyone follow suit. Her paypal email= is is


12-11-2005 12:58:17

She's gone.