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29-10-2005 12:44:55

this guy was very pushy about getting his green ASAP (made me do TWO instant offers because the first wasn't crediting fast enough), which i did, and not only has he not yet signed up for the site he agreed to do, but he is not responding to pm's or on AIM when i have asked him if everything is ok. We initiated the trade almost two weeks ago. i got his green over a week ago. anyone have problems with him?

apparently he just got approved on thursday and placed his order on the site he wanted me to sign up for (trainn video ipods), so it's not like he can claim i prevented him from getting his item.


29-10-2005 13:30:54

i'm in a trade with him, I told him when he signed up to make sure and give me his email so I know who he is, since I have over 70 yellows. Now I am done with the site, and I'm not sure if he ever signed up, or went green.

He hasnt responded to my pm's either.


29-10-2005 13:58:11

You guys aren't the only ones with a problem. Another member came to me a few days ago about him but he hasn't read the PM I sent to him.

He hasn't been on since thursday, so since there are more people complaining about him, I will drop his TR to -1 and Pm him again. If I hear anything from him then I'll reply here, or have him reply here.


29-10-2005 15:01:15

I'm in the same boat, he wanted an instant green, told me he was doing an offer that took 2-3 days and now he doesnt' reply to PM's or IM's

I can't stand this crap, everyone with a decent TR seems to be a scammer recently.

I have 4 yellows were I went first because my TR was lower. Now I don't get replies to my PM's it's SO aggravating.


29-10-2005 17:07:21

Id give him some time...


29-10-2005 17:31:19

Then how are you in the same boat?
You didn't lose anything from the transaction.


29-10-2005 22:31:54

Ok well I am in contact now. He told me that he has been busy with college and is going to be finishing up trades tomorrow. So everyone can IM him tomorrow for more details on their trades.


29-10-2005 22:51:40

Yeah he apologised and said he has just been busy with college but is making good on everything within the next few days.


30-10-2005 07:21:57

I traded with this guy 2 times, instant greens, no problems.


30-10-2005 13:49:13

[quote6c91ef61ac="Daggoth"]Id give him some time...[/quote6c91ef61ac]it's been 13 days
how much time should I have given?


30-10-2005 17:32:59

Thats the last time I take a trip to a place w/o internet connection. I AM VERY SORRY GUYS................

free3604u, as you said you finished your site email==xas.designs@gmail.comxas.designs@gmail.com=xas.designs@gmail.comxas.designs@gmail.com/email or email==gokussj4_Goku@hotmail.comgokussj4_Goku@hotmail.com=gokussj4_Goku@hotmail.comgokussj4_Goku@hotmail.com/email

Areosaber PLEASE IM ASAP So i can do ur site.


30-10-2005 17:43:54

I was away from my computer for 5 minutes and I missed the IM's
I did see your xas.designs email new on the list though, both of the emails ytou listed are now on the list. IM/PM me if you need something more.

Just IM'd with gokussj4_goku he was very apologetic about the wait and more than happy to complete an offer now. I'm waiting on green (gratis seems to be slow this weekend) will update again when it changes.


31-10-2005 14:23:26

I went green on Areosaber and now sexual intlextual.


31-10-2005 16:21:48

I see green today (apparently gratis is slow over the weekend)
In the end a good trade, so now that all is resolved we are both happy.


31-10-2005 16:29:49

yah somtimes people get busy wit things or somtin happens to there computers whiched happend to me a while back just got to be patient........im glad u guys got this all resolved D


31-10-2005 17:13:30

you didn't green for me. i don't even see a new e-mail on my sign-ups.


31-10-2005 17:15:42

ur talkin to gokuss right??


31-10-2005 17:23:52



31-10-2005 18:21:47

Ok, goku and I got everything squared away... next time I'll try to be a little more patient ) Karma ++ for him for being so polite about the whole situation.


01-11-2005 16:22:33

i started a trade w/ him but never got a green...


01-11-2005 16:24:12

[quote936abbe7d3="gokussj4_goku"]I went green on Areosaber and now sexual intlextual.[/quote936abbe7d3]

how about me?


23-12-2005 19:55:15

Anyone having problems with him? I loaned him $4 PayPal, and didn't get it back yet, and he's ignoring me, I just AIMed him, he started typing, but then didn't respond. I'd say ban him if he has no active trades. )


23-12-2005 20:02:27

Consider him banned.

Too many people complaining, he is ignoring PM's including mine even though he has been online and I'm tired of him asking me about fucking Anime.


23-12-2005 20:48:28

Haha good stuff. I smelled something fishy bout that guy (thats why I pmd u tsj)

Banned guys Airkat sniffed out + 1
Banned guys Daggoth defended + 1



23-12-2005 21:54:05

It was edited out on my part. You prob won't believe me, but I was talking to him on AIM after I posted that message. He told me that he just got back from a trip so I changed my message to give him some time.


23-12-2005 22:23:55

I was just busting your balls man


23-12-2005 22:26:19

Say whatever you want. See if I care. I came to this forum to make $$, not friends/enemies. I can do that in real life.


23-12-2005 23:46:17

...? Do you not understand what busting your balls means? As in jokingly giving you a hard time... lisighli

Aren't you supposed to be on "vacation" til the 29th anyways?


24-12-2005 09:27:53

I am on vacation. I like to check up if anyone is green while in Florida. Mods can check my ip address.


24-12-2005 11:34:09

boo... looks like I cut him some slack too soon. i have no credit for him on premium ipods...