aliljet is a scammer

Live forum:


26-10-2005 15:23:11

About a month ago we did a trade an since I was brand new I went first. Well, He has not gone green and I have tried to pm him almost 10 times. Do not trade with him. He will scam you.


27-10-2005 09:38:09

Aliljet....... Theysayjump how do even start to talk about him. Ban his ass. Aliljet is the biggest fucking bitch in the whole freebie world. I have a deep hatred for this asshole. I told that I would pay him in the next 24 hours. And yes it had been a while and I owed him money. I admit to that. I told him to wait until the end of the night and then he would get paid. This asshole goes ok then I will have to take legal action. And starts showing me all these links involving shit that I dont know about. He threatened to sue me and a family member of mine. This asshole needs to leave the freebie world because he is not welcome. theysayjump I asked you once and Ill ask you again. Ban this bitch.......Thanks. oh yea and dont trade with aliljet. Looks like hes scamming now too. Fuckin asshole I hate you aliljet.

Lotsa love -theclownoftightness-