Diggetty Is A SCAMMER

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24-10-2005 13:01:33

i went green on his freepay xbox360 within 2 days its taking him 2 weeks to go green



24-10-2005 16:05:49

I've traded wtih the user diggety several times and he's always come through for me. I don't know if this the same guy are you're talking about. Have you sent him any PMs?


24-10-2005 18:03:36

pms and everything i dont know whats going on with him


24-10-2005 18:05:48

Your avatar is really disturbing.


24-10-2005 18:18:34

[quote58f32ad1df="Kidd"]pms and everything i dont know whats going on with him[/quote58f32ad1df]

has he been reading them? we need a last seen hack on this forum (if we do, im a jackass) but I think it would help alot.


24-10-2005 18:30:34

I've done a couple trades with him that worked out fine, but that was a while ago, I haven't seen him around lately.


24-10-2005 21:23:48

Wow, you must be KIDDing me Kidd. It has been about 7 days and I have completed 2 offers for you! I have been in complete communication with you about the status of this trade and I have no idea how you have the right to call me a scammer. This is complete Bullshit. Yes you did green for me and I completed Nutraquit. Did not get credit. You became impacient so I completed another offer for you, Ultima Patch. Be patient you stupid fuck, this shit takes time. You have no right to create a thread calling me a scammer. Dont blow this up. I have a PM from you on 10/17 saying that you had just gone green and that is when I completed my FIRST offer for you. It has been 7 days settle the fuck down Noob and learn how to spell my screen name.


24-10-2005 21:37:44

Although you are right Diggety, you don't have to flame the kidd wink

This thread is being locked as it is totally uncalled for. Scammers threads are a LAST RESORT after trying everything to get in touch with him, then contacting a mod, and THEN making a scammer thread.

Not when you have only waited 1 week for a green (which, as soon as the trader does the offer is, out of their hands).

If it gets to the point where he doesn't come through for you Kidd, then contact me and I will try and get in touch with him, then if I can't, then you can make a scammer thread OK?

Thank You.