Another mikkstaz scamming thread (Stay away!)

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23-10-2005 14:10:29

My experience is similar to everyone elses who has traded with mikkstaz lately. We had a trade for I was supposed to pay her first because of my lower TR, of course. So I sent her $20 paypal and waited for the green. This was nearly 2 months ago, August 29th. Well, needless to say, I don't have a green yet. I've tried talking to her on AIM, PMing her, nothing is resolved. She said she'd do another site for me( about 10 days ago, and I don't even see her as a referral yet. She won't refund my money. This sucks, so I'd recommend staying away at all costs, and I think she needs to be banned already.


12-11-2005 07:49:07

I will report her as fraudulent to paypal on Monday if she doesn't pay me back. I suggest everyone follow suit. Her paypal email= is is


12-11-2005 08:30:22

Anything special I should put to ensure I get my money back? PM me if you have any ideas, thanks!


12-11-2005 12:58:40

She's gone.