Hasek where are you

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23-10-2005 10:50:49

Its been over a week and you havent responded, if youre out of town some warning wouldve been nice.


23-10-2005 13:04:12

He was on AIM like 10 minutes ago.


23-10-2005 15:20:25

yea I saw him sign on last night


23-10-2005 16:38:03

[quote7dd9317a9f="goofygarber"]He was on AIM like 10 minutes ago.[/quote7dd9317a9f]Why hasnt he gotten on the forums and answered my pm then?


23-10-2005 18:47:09

Because he has better things to do?


02-11-2005 13:58:40

So after ignoring me on aim (i know he wasnt gone because he kept going idle and then coming back) he hasnt replied to my pm i sent 6 days ago (dont think hes logged on though). Ignoring the part where he ignored me on aim, is it that hard to respond within 6 days, or if youre gonna be gone for six days cant you at least tell the person?


02-11-2005 20:47:05

I'm waiting on a trade from him too. He says he completed an offer on 10/11. Last responded to my PMs on 10/26. I last tried to contact him on the 31st. He hasn't checked my PM yet. Wondering the same thing...


02-11-2005 20:54:42

He hasn't been on the forum since October 29th but I just PMed him so we shall see what hapens.


02-11-2005 22:38:00

[quoteafa5cd6891="theysayjump"]He hasn't been on the forum since October 29th but I just PMed him so we shall see what hapens.[/quoteafa5cd6891]

Hope something happens, i've been waiting on this trade forever.


03-11-2005 10:15:39

This is not the first time he's done this disappearing act. But in the past he has come back and set all this trades right.


10-11-2005 14:16:33

sorry guys, it's not my fault i gotta occasionally request manual credit. i just don't see the point in answering pm's that constantly tell me that i'm not green yet... o and as always i was busy w/school/work... i'm still not green for 2 pple but again they're in the process of giving me credit, it just takes a bunch of time, yall know how it is.


10-11-2005 15:31:55

he finally greened for me. I still think it's important to stay in contact with the people you are trading with. Ignoring someone doesn't really go along with the 'semi-professional' businesslike purpose of this forum.


10-11-2005 17:50:17

Yeah Hasek, please do stay in contact because it cuts down on threads like this. You may not be bothered about it at the moment, but not only does it help the people you are trading with, it can also damage you if future traders see a bunch of threads about you in the scammers section.