hereheisman - out of contact / no payment

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22-10-2005 22:58:17

Just a heads up, in case this guy ever comes back, which I'm pretty sure he wont, but...

hereheisman somehow convinced me to get a referal for him before he sent me payment. He has since skipped out, and is completely out of contact via email and PM.

Like I said, I don't expect this guy to show back up, but if he does, there's at least a record that he's a scam.


22-10-2005 23:55:36

Yup, he hasn't been here for nearly 4 weeks. shrug


23-10-2005 00:02:06

Out of curiosity, how did he convince you to do that? Pretty impressive persuasion, I think.


23-10-2005 00:04:19

I believe he is an online Hypnotist shrug


23-10-2005 00:11:12

[quotedf4a54108e="ilanbg"]Out of curiosity, how did he convince you to do that? Pretty impressive persuasion, I think.[/quotedf4a54108e]

no... I just had the misfortune of remember how much it sucked to be a newbie and have to go first all the time. Especially when paying money, I could see how it would be intimidating to a new person to have to shell out money up front.

I have since discarded my sympathy, since I have had a couple of people take advantage of it.

Now I have "I must obey TR rules... I must obey TR rules..." written all over my office walls in something red and sticky. (ok, not really, but that's a good visual ) )[/sizedf4a54108e]


23-10-2005 08:23:53

This guy was legit on a4f when I traded with him..but yep he's gone


24-10-2005 10:37:53

I made the stupid mistake of accepting a trade with him even though we both had less than 2 completed trades. Don't ask me what I was thinking - he got a green from me and I got nothing from him... (