Abrock124 - RESOLVED

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14-10-2005 18:28:51

EDIT 10/26- Came home an offer was green so thanks.

Initiated trade for xbox360 in exchange for him doing freepay nano for him over a month ago and when i completed offer he said that he'd be a nice guy and just credit tr now so that i could do trades easier. being the newb that i was oops i agreed since he had such high tr. he has yet to complete the nano offer and he's ignoring my pm's and also has blocked my aim sn's. Abrock, if you see this please just complete my offer because i'd rather have my ref done then see your rep ruined...

http//usera.imagecave.com/Aurelius/IpodNano.bmp.jpg <<< shows my status screen and him still with his offer not done

http//usera.imagecave.com/Aurelius/CompletedXbox.bmp.jpg <<< evidence that i completed my end of the bargain

http//usera.imagecave.com/Aurelius/Trades.bmp.jpg <<< Evidence that we had a trade and even though it says tr credited it's quite obvious that the trade was not completed (and if you mods want to ban me, i'll understand... but i really didn't know any better and i've only completed one trade with a high tr person since then)

http//usera.imagecave.com/Aurelius/AimBLock.bmp.jpg <<< Evidence that he blocked my other two aim accounts. (I'm using a very old aim account to check if he's online)

http//usera.imagecave.com/Aurelius/Outbox.bmp.jpg <<< Shows that i sent him a reminder through pm and he didn't respond (he responds to aim though. please see below)

http//usera.imagecave.com/Aurelius/Log2.bmp.jpg <<< Both show conversations via aim to prove that i was in a trade with him.

http//usera.imagecave.com/Aurelius/Log3.bmp.jpg <<< His offer to credit TR to boost my rep.

http//usera.imagecave.com/Aurelius/Abrockssn.bmp.jpg <<< Evidence that Abrock124's aim sn is in fact Abrock112

If any additional evidence is needed please just post what else you need to see and i'll try to get it. thanks.


14-10-2005 19:08:34

you wont be banned just for saying you have a problem with another trader, high TR or not.

you should have contacted amod before making this thread though, but oh well.

ill PM him and see if i can get a reply.


14-10-2005 19:16:49

Those pictures are totally photoshopped.

Lol j/k.


14-10-2005 19:18:33

well i had to ps the emails out and also to point out stuff but as you can tell by my ability to draw lines, my mouse blows and it's freezing cold so i doubt i could photoshop stuff that well


15-10-2005 10:12:10

He did the same thing to me back when I was a noob. I did my offer, he blocked me on aim, and never responded to pms. All up until theysayjump became a mod and took care of it. )


15-10-2005 16:22:11

well hopefully this gets resolved too...


16-10-2005 10:32:35

He tried initiating a trade with me last night but finally said he'll pay me only half the amount (inspite of me having a higer TR) and the rest after I go green. When I said no, he started freakin' out with 2-3 PM's! I wouldnt recommend a trade with him!


16-10-2005 12:05:17

Yeah he is definitely a bum, and should be avoided.


16-10-2005 12:09:59

Ban him.


16-10-2005 23:51:19

he's still makign posts... any word on a responce to your pms, jump? someone i'md me on aim and told me that he's still trying to get people to trade with him through aim and pm's


16-10-2005 23:56:00

he replied saying he didnt even know there was a problem with you.

[quoteb375c0f7f8="abrock124"]Thanks for contacting me though, i had no idea there was even a dispute with this guy. I'll get it taken care of.[/quoteb375c0f7f8]


17-10-2005 00:08:42

i've reminded him so so many times... i've pm'd him and he hasn't responded so he can't possibly not know there's a dispute


17-10-2005 00:12:01

i'll pm him again and see what he says if he responds


17-10-2005 17:51:16

no response at all to my pm and he has posted several times after i sent my pm...


17-10-2005 17:54:05

Take away his TR for the time being..


17-10-2005 19:18:40

woah sweedfish I just saw your trade wow


17-10-2005 19:31:07

i dunno whats up with this guy, but I still have 2 PMs from my dispute with him that he never read to this day. He just doesn't read PMs for some odd reason.


17-10-2005 22:18:58

he's messaged me back and he's completing an offer for me now so hopefully i can put a resolved by the title soon. thanks for your help, jump.


17-10-2005 22:44:30

No problem.

I PM'ed him and droped his TR to -1 and told him to get in touch with you.


18-10-2005 09:52:55

I explained the situation to Aurelius and completed another offer on his site, the free $25 walmart giftcard one. I dont know how reliable this offer is but it claims to credit within 2-3 days.

I have perfectly good explanations for each of the complaints made against me in this thread, i dont know why people are so quick to jump to conclusions and make a big deal out of everything.


18-10-2005 17:54:27

well it would be nice if you could explain blocking me on aim? i was always polite in our exchanges and only messaged at most twice a week.


26-10-2005 17:44:41



26-10-2005 17:55:41

Thank you.

Glad it is resolved.