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13-10-2005 11:54:13

we will see...


13-10-2005 13:02:44

Take the refferal link out, numbnuts


13-10-2005 13:43:49

i love how you take random sentences, not much makes sense out of context, and just to let you know i'm glad you posted that aim conversation we had cause that even proves to you i told you that my friend would be signing up for your site, not me.
i know you went green on me yesterday but please have more patience, i am sorry i haven't gotten to completing your offer as soon as you would have liked but i promise i will get it done as soon as i can.


13-10-2005 14:12:37

Let me say a few things up front.

#1 Nothing is instant. Not even instant offers.
#2 Please avoid this getting into name calling. When one calles one a name it only reflects badly on the original one.

That being said, it is more than obvious that you two are rather new at trading. Seeing as how this trade is also just a few days old, you guys need to take a step back and take a deep breath. mog, i understand you are upset because the stipulations of the trade have changed but, until you have been hung out to dry, you haven't been scammed. There is plenty of time. I do realize that you greened rather quickly for skillet, but unless there were stipulations that you would both be completing instant offers, you should take a step back.

You have not been scammed. You are being impacient.


13-10-2005 15:16:00

traded with skillet not too long ago and it went fine...


13-10-2005 15:33:50

sorry maybe im being impatient but i would feel better if YOU yourself were gonna do the offer...then you give me your friends AIm screename...why would I contact him..if hes your friend...i duno man maybe im being impatient and once your green i will apologize in full.


13-10-2005 15:41:32

Ive been in contact with skillet and worked with deals with him and everythings gone great, i didnt read the full convo cause it wasnt making alot of sense, if you want it green fast it doesnt work that way really, instant offers take a day or so and when it says 5-7 days its gonna take 5-7 days, thats just my 2 cents only thing I know is Skillet was great to work with for me


13-10-2005 15:42:56

skillet is the man, man. lol. I completed an offer for him for $30 and he payed me as soon as I completed it!
I couldn't be happier...