Bonsai is a S.C.A.M.M.E.R. F* HIM.

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13-10-2005 11:29:12

Me and bonsai started a trade on the 2nd of September, and the time I had 0 TR so I went first, going green within 48 hours.

It's now nearly 2 months gone and no green from him, he claims to have done 3 offers on the first site and one on another!

Now I'm a +5TR so have higher rating for me, but I still wasted $20 on doing an offer for him!

Please be careful with him!


20-10-2005 11:20:38

bump, still no green for me!


21-10-2005 08:42:36

hope you get some type of response from someone, cause i did the same thing with josh and no one did anything til it happened to 4 people


22-10-2005 05:56:53



22-10-2005 06:50:21

[quotec098b569e2="TheUKNetwork"]BONSAI IS A SCAMMER.[/quotec098b569e2]

Are you still in contact with him? Is he still active on this forum?

You may want to contact a mod if Bonsai isn't totally out of contact. Just be sure to give a full history of the trade.


22-10-2005 07:22:04

I have. They think he's done a runner.


22-10-2005 07:24:50

[quote38fa51e2de="TheUKNetwork"]I have. They think he's done a runner.[/quote38fa51e2de]

Sorry to hear that. If he has taken off, there's not much you can do.

He may try to come back under another username, so keep your eyes peeled for him on the forum; if you recognize any of his contact info (email, AIM, etc.), be sure to point it out to the appropriate parties.


22-10-2005 14:24:23

Yeah he hasn't been here since the 4th of October shrug

Sorry man.