Is this a scam?

Live forum:


08-10-2005 03:35:46

Hypothetically, what if... (this is hypothetical, so don't read too much into it...)

A trader hasn't paid you for a trade you finished 3 weeks ago. They tell you that they not only have been approved, but they also have received their iPod. They then tell you that even though they were approved and received their iPod, they don't think your referal was legitimate, so they're withholding payment.

Would you consider them to be a scammer? and/or would you report them on a thread like this?


08-10-2005 03:38:15

If you account wasn't put on hold or anything, then i would think they are trying to scam you.


08-10-2005 06:17:35

If you went green, they must complete their side of the trade.


08-10-2005 10:56:34

but they can go green, then gray?


08-10-2005 12:05:28

Yeah that's complete BS. They got their green, got approved, and got their gift. You should report them here.


08-10-2005 13:04:48

yeah i think that's a pretty crappy move on their part.... they should be happy they received their product and also feel obligated to complete their end of the deal, but I guess it's a sign of the times we live in when an agreement between two parties doesn't mean that much........I like to think that I do a good job of keeping my word to people, its the only way to gain credibility and respect