Rampage575 is OutOfContact! I lost a green b/c mult. sigups!

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07-10-2005 16:42:28

I payed Rampage575 for a green and I failed approval because he did my offer for someone else. I have PMed him several times within the last 2 weeks and he is not responding and is not on AIM.


Rampage575, if you want to stop ignoring me and pay me back, I will close this thread, otherwise, I will assume you are a scammer.

Anyone else have trouble with Rampage575?


07-10-2005 16:50:35

Ya man, I used to talk to him all the time, he was always pretty cool. But I havnt seen him online in weeks, so im thinking he is just gone. It sucks because he went grey for me too...oh well, im just tallying up the times ive been scammed.


07-10-2005 19:07:12

he isnt scamming anyone

[quote9db2062fbb="Rampage575"]For everyone i'm in a trade w/ and owe you a green or need my friends to work out the gray situation (which shouldn't be a problem) i'm sorry. I have an emergency that came up and i have to go to Kansas City for my back and will be w/o a computer till i get back (most likely monday)...i'm not leaving anyone hanging, just letting everyone know whats up..i appologize for any inconvience...if anyone comes back and has a green and no longer need me i'll compensate w/ money if this time period is too long to wait for me...thanks guys[/quote9db2062fbb]



08-10-2005 00:03:17

what do you mean he did it for someone else? he did multiple emails?


08-10-2005 06:00:19

Mr - That post he made is over a week old. But I dont think he's scamming. Possibly something more serious came up.

Either way, couldn't the friend in the meanwhile submit a support ticket? It's been over a week as well since the friend went gray. The friend must have computer access, right?

I am not going to worry just yet, he seems like he wants to work everything out! )


08-10-2005 16:36:00

Ok, well I'ts been 6 days since that monday, and he's still not answering. I will close this thead if he comes back and makes it all good.

To answer the question, support told me he did the same offer at another one of their sites and got credit for that one and can't get credit for doing the same offer more than once.


08-10-2005 18:40:10

What a bummer. I am still waiting for a green from him too....


09-10-2005 09:54:12

he said he will be getting back monday meaning tommorow so we will soon see


09-10-2005 10:02:04

Dude, the thread was for last monday, not this coming monday.


09-10-2005 11:42:15

Well folks I had trade with Rampage575 when I was first starting and somethign crazy happened and I was afraid he was going to scam me....but he pulled through like a trooper and made it up to me, so I personally would give him the benefit of the doubt, but then again it's been awhile since you've heard from him, but if he had an emergency you never know what that could be....I hope it all works out well for everyone!! Cheers! toast


09-10-2005 18:56:35

Well, I am in a trade with him and waiting as well. He's given me some heads up about bad things happening - I know that a week before that he decided he couldn't complete the offer he'd said he would, due to multiple issues that I can't say are his fault, rather his friend. He offered to pay me instead, said he'd do it ASAP but I sent the PM w/ info and he's not checked it. I think I sent it out the same day as that message.

So, while I can understand if life's going badly for him, and I've heard about 8 testimonials, one from an admin even, that he's a true and honest trader, you can add me to the list of people having issues with his absence......


09-10-2005 19:36:18

I am not going to worry too much about it as long as I am waiting for others to green for me; but if he is the last person I am waiting for, I might just get someone else to be a referral for me and ask Rampage to pay me instead.


19-10-2005 00:39:22

Someone is posting from the same IP as Rampage575 who joined after Rampage575 disappeared.


Incidentally, if you have e-mails that Rampage575 used to sign up, post them here please.


19-10-2005 03:59:24

email= used on my freexbox360 was email=kstate1031@yahoo.comkstate1031@yahoo.com used on my freexbox360 was email=kstate1031@yahoo.comkstate1031@yahoo.com/email. Good find TSJ!


23-10-2005 11:51:31

Rampage also used email==kstate1031@yahoo.comkstate1031@yahoo.com=kstate1031@yahoo.comkstate1031@yahoo.com/email to do ipodshuffle.freepay.com for me. He greened, then went gray after a couple of weeks. Any word from him or his new BacardiGuy32 persona?


23-10-2005 13:01:19

So is he obviously scamming then? maybe he should be temporarily banned till he responds and makes good, cause he's probably tearing through newbies right now


23-10-2005 13:47:43

Rampage575 hasn't been online since he disappeared, so it doesn't make any difference whether we ban him or not.

I have PM'ed BacardiGuy32 and told him that if he doesn't respond to either me or the thread(s) about him, then he will be banned. If I ban him, I will leave Rampage575 unbanned to see if coincidentally he comes back after BacardiGuy32 is gone.


24-10-2005 13:14:04

This guy waited forever to sign up under me. Kept coming up with new excuses. Then he finally did and never completed an offer. Now the freeproject has gone under and he has cost me a freebie and have to settle for $15 a referral instead of the $200+ reward


29-10-2005 15:11:25

I think he used email==kamikaze543@hotmail.comkamikaze543@hotmail.com=kamikaze543@hotmail.comkamikaze543@hotmail.com/email when he signed up for my freedesktoppc and then never did anything with it.

Could be wrong, I have 4 yellows from people who seem to be scammers on this site.