jtorre@torretech.com (aka yourfavoritevictim @ A4F)

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06-10-2005 10:38:50

I was told this guy posts here a lot, but I couldn't find anything searching that e-mail address or username. He did my getipod4free and I did his carstuff4free, and he just went red x I've emailed him and PM'd him twice with no response. Does he have a different username on here? Does anyone keep in touch with him. Thanks for your help.


11-10-2005 22:36:11

No one?


11-10-2005 22:46:25

unless i have something more to go by i cant really do anything.

that e-mail address isnt registered to anyone on this site. shrug


12-10-2005 07:38:05

lol I think i made a mistake their was a guy here that resembed victim guess i was wrong (


16-10-2005 22:01:38

well if im not mistaken, yourfavoritevictim was banned from a4f, i did a couple of trades with him and nevr had a problem but apparently soime ppl did