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06-10-2005 08:39:57

I would just like to take this opportunity to attempt to nip this in the bud before anyone else gets "hurt."

Osmosis claims to be having friends sign up in exchange for PayPal in the trading post, however, he has gone red for me ($22 for FreeMiniMacs...BEGGED for $25 claiming he had to split it with his "friend"), and has also had a few other accounts disqualified as well. This leads me to believe that he is creating multiple fraudulent accounts for the purpose of trading, thus I have reduced is TR to -1 pending further action.

If you have traded with Osmosis recently, please post your thoughts/experiences here.


06-10-2005 08:52:46

While he did have a friend do an offer on my XBox site, and that ref. went grey. He did contact me, and sent $20 paypal and apologized for the inconvenience. I was very happy, because it could of ended differently! ) The $20 transferred into my bank account last night. So all is well.


06-10-2005 08:53:47

I traded with osmosis and he said the say thing, that he had a friend who wanted to sign up. I paid $30 for him to sign up, i'm still awaiting approval, if this is right and he goes red i will be so pissed off as i've been trying so hard to complete freeipods.

There was another thread about him but that got sorted out...


06-10-2005 09:01:05

[quote63d194fc60="wwfc_barmy_army"]I traded with osmosis and he said the say thing, that he had a friend who wanted to sign up. I paid $30 for him to sign up, i'm still awaiting approval, if this is right and he goes red i will be so pissed off as i've been trying so hard to complete freeipods.

There was another thread about him but that got sorted out...[/quote63d194fc60]

Assuming I am correct, he signed up with an @yahoo.com email. However, he also issued a refund to me, which is why I am reluctant to ban him if things turn out the way I think they will. Seems to me he thought he could beat the system and lost, but is willing to own up to the consequences (refunding payments).


06-10-2005 09:06:42

Yeah. It was a @yahoo.com address. I can PM you the address if you wish. I have been talking to phoebe7 just who had problems with him going red. he refunded them.

I've been checking out the thread he made in the trading post. I think quite a few people traded with him.

On a side note, if he does go red on mine and if i got another referral will i have to wait the 7-10 days for my account to get approved again?


06-10-2005 10:35:40

Oh crap, I did a trade with him for Freepay's 360 site. I payed him $30, but I still need one more green in order to go under review. I hope he won't go grey.


06-10-2005 10:36:45

He also used a yahoo.com e-mail with mine.


06-10-2005 22:48:39

I did a trade with Osmosis for Freepay's 360 site also....the account he signed up with was an aim.com address and it has since gone grey.....this makes me a bit mad as I wasted a perfectly good referral.....I am going to pm him and see what he has to say


07-10-2005 08:27:44

yep. Summitted for free360xbox approval. Both of his refs went gray,


07-10-2005 13:14:50

hey all,

jsut a few things

I got 2 referrals from him. They are BOTH still green. When do offers go grey? At any time, or only when your account comes under review?

Another thing, which sounds fishy. He stated in his post that he had TWO friends for freeipods.com. Well, i personally got 2 referrals from him, and apparently soneone else did too, so something isnt adding up.



07-10-2005 13:17:10

They will only go grey when you are under review.


07-10-2005 13:18:32

alright thanks. I am going to request a refund from him now. Ill tell you all how it goes.


07-10-2005 16:48:41

[quote764bdc7b53="ajrock2000"]They will only go grey when you are under review.[/quote764bdc7b53]

not exactly true with freepay...at least in my experience, as Osmosis and someone else went grey for me before I even requested approval, but it probably was because someone else had requested approval and they took away all greens from that e-mail....but at least I found out before thinking I was finished...man that'd be a drag.


07-10-2005 20:11:26

[quotef670198175="ajrock2000"]They will only go grey when you are under review.[/quotef670198175]

yeah i also had a ref turn grey before he even turned green (donalpaul3), and i still havent finished that site yet, and it was on a freepay site.


10-10-2005 15:00:37

I PM'd him on saturday and haven't got a reply yet. Nor to the email i sent. I hope he replies soon...


10-10-2005 19:47:30

same thing, but i think hes away, becasue he has been quickly responding to my pms up to saturday. Still not getting the resolution I want, though.


11-10-2005 14:02:08

Well i just got approved and he has gone gray... Still no reply. I think i'll file a claim with paypal. Do you think this is the best course of action? I've PM'd and emailed him but got no reply..




11-10-2005 15:47:05

Yeah, paypal can fix you up fine )


11-10-2005 18:14:07

PayPal won't do anything to help you. Remember, no physical goods are exchanged. You shouldn't even bother doing it ) Trust me, I have tried that


11-10-2005 18:25:42

Somebody filed a claim against me when I was in turkey, locked me out of my account and I couldn't restore access for who knows long - and the ONLY way to restore access was to refund the stupid buttpirate.


11-10-2005 23:26:24

Ok. Well he has got back to me. I don't know if its cos he has read this thread, but it he said he was away for a few days. But now he is saying that he won't be be able refund me until after he has been away. But i don't want to have to wait this long, and how do i know that he won't just dissapear... Should i have to wait?



13-10-2005 14:17:02

Still saying that he can't refund me yet but he has refunded everyone else... ?


13-10-2005 14:41:32

Haha, he can't? Hes paid me for two sites in the past week; immediatly =P


13-10-2005 17:20:10

[quote40c460b26a="goofygarber"]Haha, he can't? Hes paid me for two sites in the past week; immediatly =P[/quote40c460b26a]

WTF, I never traded with you. And if I did what sites did i ask for. I don't do sites.


13-10-2005 17:37:16

Whoops, wrong topic entierly (
I thought this was hasek.


01-11-2005 22:07:14

im not sure but can anyone confirm that Osmosis is email==hslap77@yahoo.comhslap77@yahoo.com=hslap77@yahoo.comhslap77@yahoo.com/email?

if so he just went grey for me after i requested approval on freedesktoppc.
what a bummer /


01-11-2005 22:59:06

It could be any address. To bring you up to date i am [b1e1a502ffb]still [/b1e1a502ffb]waiting for a refund and i am wondering if it's going to come at all...


01-11-2005 23:02:47

Well I don't know about the e-mail but he was last here on October 30th (3 days ago) so he is still visiting the foruma nd (I'm sure) this thread.


01-11-2005 23:19:38

Keep keeps reply saying that he cannot send me the money back, he says he'll have money in by last friday but then said that he couldn't pay me back and didn't give a reason. I'm starting to think that he is just lying to me now, and i may start a paypal claim if i don't recieve anything soon.


07-11-2005 16:56:00

Jsut to update, he has not responded to my PM's in a week, and still owes me $60



07-11-2005 20:16:49

ya he's a scammer
gone mia


07-11-2005 23:19:58

Same here. I think he's gone for good now.


08-11-2005 23:47:06

Well i haven't recieved a reply for well over a week now and i've had weeks of excuses. I've filed a claim with paypal to see if i can get any back and even if he'll respond. I'll let you know how it turns out.


11-11-2005 12:46:27

I jsut filed a paypla complaint too. Though unlikely, amybe something will happen.