Did TheUKNetwork Scam Me?

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04-10-2005 21:47:24

I did a trade with TheUKNetwork a little while back. Freeipods.com for FreebieFreebie.com. I greened for him on FreebieFreebie.com and he still has not greened for me on FreeIpods.com! He changed the trade status to 'Trade Failed.' When in fact, I GREENED FOR HIM (i checked freebiefreebie again to confirm i was correct.) He never greened for me at all.

EDIT TheUKNetwork greened on IpodNanos for me. He is not a scammer. Thanks.


04-10-2005 21:51:02

have you tried contacting HIM about it?


04-10-2005 21:58:42

I PMed him earlier this morning.


04-10-2005 22:01:34

is it in your sentbox or outbox?


04-10-2005 22:10:41

Outbox. the subject is 'IMPORTANT!'


04-10-2005 22:13:02

ok well he hasnt read them yet.

remember he is in the UK, so he is on a totally different timezone and may not be able to check his shit until later in the day or at night.

i spoke to him a couple of times in the last couple of days so i know he is around, just give him time.


04-10-2005 22:20:54

He seems to be active enough, I always see his name popping up here and there. I don't think hes out to scam you, he might have set the status by accident


05-10-2005 06:29:14

He PMed me and he went green on Ipod Nanos for me.