kd0llar is a possible scammer ~ RESOLVED~

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02-10-2005 14:34:22

I traded with kd0llar and paid him paypal up front because I was new, and he had a greater tr. it has been a week, and the last 5 days he has not contacted me or replied to my pms. I checked w/ orderit4free, and he did not complete an offer.


02-10-2005 16:00:20

he is a shitbrick. we had a trade for flashipods4free and after a few days he did not sign up. he sent me a pm AFTER we confirmed the trade and said he was going to do it for someone else offering more money. that is pretty shady. that is like selling something to somebody and a week later taking it back and selling it to somebody else since they offered more money. i dont recommend trading with this cunt.


02-10-2005 16:31:49

hmm......i traded with him last week and it was fine, he did my site, greened and i paid him the money.

i also traded with him months ago and his green is still green.

ill have a look and see if i can get i touch with him.


02-10-2005 17:28:55

o shit i traded with him too but my offer hasnt greened yet


04-10-2005 20:29:33

paulruss i apologize, i did the orexis one on orderit4free, and yes i did pm you back when i got back to a computer, ill do another offer, im not sure why its not showing up.

trace, well you can shut the hell up, i got more money, deal with it.

and skittles you never completed anything, your yellow.

ive done plenty of trades on this site, sometimes they dont always go smoothly, so people need to chill.


04-10-2005 22:23:05

That's really unethical to do someone elses site after agreeing to do a persons site...Totally uncool...I think that should get a temp ban!


04-10-2005 22:27:55

look i followed the rules, im not here to make friendly promises to the whole world, business gets done as usual, sorry i wanted more cash, my apology tracemhunter, it was a low blow, as for stockmanjr i think you should get a temp ban for accusin me of something when you have no relations whatsoever.

there should be a rule about postin someone a scammer, when i havent done anything wrong yet. geeze....ive done a lot of trades and there are people who have been just fine, and b/c one guy 's doesnt go smoothly he freaks out.


04-10-2005 22:29:04

yes i agree...he also sends rude pms to people... >.>
and uses phrases like "shut the hell up"

not a very friendly trader


05-10-2005 16:05:20

well, kdollar did complete his end of the trade, is green, and i am satisfied lol


05-10-2005 17:25:14

this thread is locked.

everything is sorted out now.