geemic possible scammer

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01-10-2005 19:45:01

i traded his freepsps for my ipod nano freepay almost 3 weeks ago. the last time i heard from him was when he changed his status to offer completed on 9/12. since then ive sent him multiple PMs and emails, and haven't gotten any replies. my green for him was taking awhile (cc offer), so i thought maybe his was too. but since he isn't even replying...

i didn't think he would be a scammer since he has TR of 5 and has been on here for almost a year, but with him not responding to me and not going green....there's not really anything else i can think


01-10-2005 20:45:00

I was scammed by someone with a TR of five back in the day. Below 10, or even 15, there always lays a risk of being scammed.


01-10-2005 21:11:48

lol is your sig big enough?


01-10-2005 23:08:06

geemic has not been on for awhile...

I am waiting for a green from him as well but he has not been here for more than two weeks.

Not sure where he went or why.


01-10-2005 23:35:10

he hasnt been on since the 21st, and ive got no idea where he might be shrug