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01-10-2005 18:09:11

My password isn't working on AIM. Tell me if any of you get anything fishy. I'm trying to recover my account.


01-10-2005 18:11:10

[quotecf68dee4be="J4320"]My password isn't working on AIM. Tell me if any of you get anything fishy. I'm trying to recover my account.[/quotecf68dee4be]

Have you done a recent virus scan?


01-10-2005 18:16:34

lol, some drunk dude has your password, hes talking to me now.


01-10-2005 18:25:05

Get him to get my password back if he's drunk. Help me out here. What's he doing?


01-10-2005 18:27:32

i dunno man, hes pretty drunk, he did however give me your old password... hes just being stupid and drunk, what do you want me to do? he did give me his ref link, lol...maybe Jake can help you find out where he lives.


01-10-2005 18:28:26

I don't know. Make him a deal for my password and don't follow through or something.


01-10-2005 18:43:31

I will try to get it back i guess, I dont have any of my aim hacking tools time to go find them again.


01-10-2005 18:52:40

Okay I'm talking to him.... He's kind of hard to talk to. He's..... Strange....


01-10-2005 19:04:20

Got owned lol?


01-10-2005 19:08:53

[quote9d7dbde9c4="dudelovesFinch1035"]Got owned lol?[/quote9d7dbde9c4]

Shut up. evil


01-10-2005 19:10:23

He said that I need to get "crackboy" to not report his link or something... Who's crackboy?


01-10-2005 19:10:29

I'm talking to this guy too, he's a real character lol


01-10-2005 19:10:51

me, lol. what do i need to do?


01-10-2005 19:15:55

[quotec4f38c5d2f="Cash4Cookies"]me, lol. what do i need to do?[/quotec4f38c5d2f]

Why are you called crackboy? Just get the password back and get that PM to jake about his ref link if you haven't already.


01-10-2005 19:17:31

He gave me a code for the password.......



01-10-2005 19:18:07

Here's a partial part of the conversation

Darth Kiwi Bird hahaaa
ghettosearch com hehehehehee
ghettosearch com what are we laughing at?
Darth Kiwi Bird how dum u r!11
Darth Kiwi Bird hahaah
ghettosearch com you cant spell dumb
Darth Kiwi Bird yse i can
ghettosearch com sober up ya drunk bastard
Darth Kiwi Bird ??!?!?!
Darth Kiwi Bird how'sd u know??????????/////////////
ghettosearch com i know everything about you
Darth Kiwi Bird ?!?!??1
ghettosearch com you know me and i know you
Darth Kiwi Bird NO U DONT!!!!!!!!
Darth Kiwi Bird go waaway ideot
ghettosearch com dont talk to your best friend like that
Darth Kiwi Bird u r enemee
Darth Kiwi Bird ideot
ghettosearch com no
ghettosearch com me freind
Darth Kiwi Bird nooooOOo!oo
ghettosearch com i love you
Darth Kiwi Bird haha
Darth Kiwi Bird me too baby
ghettosearch com buttsechs?
Darth Kiwi Bird hahah
Darth Kiwi Bird u funn
ghettosearch com i like passwords too
Darth Kiwi Bird rallY/?
ghettosearch com yea
Darth Kiwi Bird i'm abd at makiiiiiiiiiiiiign paswordss
ghettosearch com tell that to crackboy
Darth Kiwi Bird !
Darth Kiwi Bird HOW'D U NKOWA????????????????????!!!!1
ghettosearch com know what?
Darth Kiwi Bird ' CRACKBOY???????
ghettosearch com i guessed?
ghettosearch com give teh passward
Darth Kiwi Bird i'll geiv u code of the password
ghettosearch com yes plz
ghettosearch com can i sign up for freepay under you?
Darth Kiwi Bird oaioeliseuectkis
Darth Kiwi Bird ha
ghettosearch com nice password


01-10-2005 19:22:01

Lol this guy is an idiot.


01-10-2005 19:22:35

very much so


01-10-2005 19:24:29

the password is aolsucks

Do i get a prize?


01-10-2005 19:25:34

[quote42d4a875f0="Bill"]the password is aolsucks

Do i get a prize?[/quote42d4a875f0]

are you for real?


01-10-2005 19:25:42

Let me go try it.


01-10-2005 19:26:08

Yeah he gave me a clue and I deciphered the code.


01-10-2005 19:27:23

It doesn't work.


01-10-2005 19:27:42

LOL i am logged in, I changed the password


01-10-2005 19:27:49

Did anyone try it and change the password or did he change it again?


01-10-2005 19:28:22


Thank God he was drunk/an idiot or whatever.


01-10-2005 19:28:44

jug got it


01-10-2005 19:29:27

Yeah i can see that.

PM me with the new password.


01-10-2005 19:30:28

[quotea4c9d91f40="J4320"]Did anyone try it and change the password or did he change it again?[/quotea4c9d91f40]

I did i changed it, I am backing up your buddylist before i back out and the e-mail to the account is email==j4320@hotmail.comj4320@hotmail.com=j4320@hotmail.comj4320@hotmail.com/email


01-10-2005 19:30:31

On second thought.......

email= it to email=JL4320@gmail.comJL4320@gmail.com it to email=JL4320@gmail.comJL4320@gmail.com/email


01-10-2005 19:36:47

well that was fun aleasy J4320 got his back, I still dont have my old one and no one ever logs into it, that has to be on aim's side


01-10-2005 19:50:36

Alright everything is settled.

I'd have been screwed if that guy wasn't drunk or was smart.


01-10-2005 20:49:00

lol That was fun to read.

Jug, you should have made him pay you for it. twisted


01-10-2005 21:33:46

[quote358a096a13="ilanbg"]lol That was fun to read.

Jug, you should have made him pay you for it. twisted[/quote358a096a13]

LOL that would of been so mean!


02-10-2005 17:43:46

Damn, and JuG still has negative karma...