Live forum:


30-09-2005 16:43:49

void for now


30-09-2005 16:49:27

how many different ways have you tried to contact him?


30-09-2005 16:52:47

It doesn't list any other methods of contacting him in his profile.


30-09-2005 17:01:15

you dont have contact info from the trade? the e-mail he used to sign up for your site?

i know he has been online because i credited a trade he was requesting TR for last night, so he should be getting his PM's.


30-09-2005 17:25:35

Oh yeah, good idea, I'll e-mail him.


30-09-2005 18:26:41

I had a trade with lalala and it went smoothly. Infact, he went green in 1 day! I guess theysayjump is referring to our trade ) I guess you need to PM multiple times, then e-mail him and then go to the mods to resolve the issue. Scammers section is too sensitive buddy!