Rampage (me)

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30-09-2005 14:06:55

For everyone i'm in a trade w/ and owe you a green or need my friends to work out the gray situation (which shouldn't be a problem) i'm sorry. I have an emergency that came up and i have to go to Kansas City for my back and will be w/o a computer till i get back (most likely monday)...i'm not leaving anyone hanging, just letting everyone know whats up..i appologize for any inconvience...if anyone comes back and has a green and no longer need me i'll compensate w/ money if this time period is too long to wait for me...thanks guys


05-10-2005 14:02:32

Damn man, I hope everything is OK. I hadnt seen you online in a while, and there is a problem with one of our trades. I know your a good guy, just get back to me ASAP, I hope everything is ok man.


18-10-2005 17:59:37

I'm still waiting for a green from before you had to leave town (a long time before).


19-10-2005 04:00:18

I doubt we'll be getting a green from this guy if he used a new screen name to start more trades. And he was so defensive with me too!


23-10-2005 13:04:06

24 days and counting


24-10-2005 13:10:28

Still waiting on a green from this guy too. Trading with people with high TR's seems to be really burning me lately. They got everything they wanted and bail!!! evil


24-10-2005 16:18:18

i have traded with this guy before....he is a good trade and legit and everything i think he will not jus leave everyone hanging and my guess is he is guna complete his end of the deal...


26-10-2005 22:14:01

6 weeks later? you have high hopes