went RED. who is it??

Live forum:


26-09-2005 02:27:13

I can't identify the user, do u guys know who it is? is it matt8789?

red on my get4friends.


26-09-2005 11:13:27

can any of the mods help me out please and run a check?


26-09-2005 11:14:38

yeah sorry, i thought i already posted a reply, i checked earlier on but i couldnt find that e-mail registered to anyone on this forum, did you have a trade through the trade module?

cos i could probably find it that way.


26-09-2005 11:17:06

i should have, but I dont remember with who (maybe Cash4Cookies?)


26-09-2005 11:30:38

the only users who you have traded with in the trade module, for get4friends are silentvixen, JuG and Cash4Cookies.

that e-mail isnt in any of your trades though.


26-09-2005 11:38:48

that email looks familiar as maybe someone I traded with, but I don't see it anywhere so I probably finished the site they greened for me at


26-09-2005 11:42:18

That's not my email so leaves it to Jug and Cash4cookies


26-09-2005 16:35:48

its me, i have no idea why i would go red, but i am in the process of contact him now.


26-09-2005 16:38:18

alright, thanks for getting back to me Cash4Cookies, I hope we'll work this out.


26-09-2005 16:47:12

yeah im sure we can work it out, im sending a support ticket right now. however i do wish you would have sent me an email before starting a thread about it, but oh well... i will get back to you whenever i hear from


26-09-2005 16:50:48

heh, i decided to find out who it was the other way first, there are so many scammers around that i thought the scammer would just ignore my email... and try to hide... sorry.


26-09-2005 16:53:07

well you did know my email....i figured you should have just sent an email to that email, as i would have checked it. anyways, yeah, sent the support ticket. I really dont know why I would go red, but recently ive had SCAM ME, OVER CHARGE ME, AND DISQUALIFY ME on my forehead. Sorry about all this man, i hope they will tell me why i turned red, as i see no reason why it happened in the first place.