Trades with Stanleyph2 or Ronremero22?

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24-09-2005 13:46:14

if you have any trades with either of theese two users i suggest you file a paypal claim if you paid them. Ronremero was posting from the same ip as stanleyph2 and stanleyph2 is a scammer.

both are now banned. Ronremero gave me some cock and bull story about them being neighbors and him not having the internet...and the reason why stanleyph2 couldn't keep up with his trades is because he was banned for being an accused scammer but i only just banned him so that was BS.

i doubt anyone will get their greens or their money back (


24-09-2005 21:11:21

Well ronromero did for me yesterday and he went first and it went green pretty fast.


24-09-2005 21:22:03

gl with the green once you submit for approval


24-09-2005 21:31:50

im pretty sure that ronromero22 was the legit, split-personality of stanleyph2.

he realised he fucked up on the stanleyph2 name and needed this site to get greens etc, so he had to be legit about it.

he is more than welcome to pay the people back that he scammed and ill re-instate him, but not until then.


24-09-2005 22:52:52

He did an offer for me as well on YourFreeFlatScreen and went green quickly (I believe he did the offer). I've already emailed Trainn and asked them to look into whether or not he's a scammer. I sent a request to paypal as well asking them to freeze the money I paid him pending a response from Trainn.

Also, I thought I'd add the paypal account info that RonRomero22 provided me
name displayed in paypal Walter Amaya


25-09-2005 11:24:23

well, I just looked at my yourfreeflatscreens account and RonRomero22 went red on me. I asked trainn and he has multiple accounts for the site. Guess I gotta file a dispute with paypal \


25-09-2005 11:32:44

Whooaaa, well now we know that he did at least 2 recent signups and offers on yffs, as per the two above. Perma ban, I think yes


28-09-2005 14:41:20

Yea i greened for Stanleyph2 and never heard from him again (


28-09-2005 23:08:47

How do you file a dispute for paypal? I think if we all said the samething, paypal could possible get us the money back.


29-09-2005 00:08:49

Nevermind, I filed a claim. Hopefully paypal will work with me and everyone on this.


29-09-2005 07:22:49

[quote64febdaa03="erdons"]Well ronromero did for me yesterday and he went first and it went green pretty fast.[/quote64febdaa03]
FUCK!!!! he did that for me two days ago. god dammit. this is my 7th time getting scammed.


29-09-2005 12:17:57

Well shit, I finally went green for him on photoipods today. I doubt his free360xbox will ever green.

edit Can I screw him over my registering another photoipod account, or will that mess up all of my freepay accounts?


29-09-2005 12:31:56

yeah dont do that if you actually want to pursue the sites. it will fuck up your account, but if you dont care, then go for it.


29-09-2005 12:52:47

Any other ways to mess with his account?


29-09-2005 13:15:09

report his links to freepay or Jake and they will take care of it. wink


01-10-2005 12:22:39

His green went red yesterday, good thing i didnt do anything for him.


05-10-2005 10:50:25

He did my 3604free. It went green instantly. I think he did the stamps thing. This sucks. I hate scammers


05-10-2005 23:12:47

ronromero tried to screw me.